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Cliff Jumping and Hiking in Hawaii Featured Image

Cliff Jumping and Hiking in Hawaii

Hawaii was made for adventure, as shown in this article which is all about launching yourself off cliffs and dragging yourself up mountains. Both get the heart going, both are amazing.

Skiing and Snowboarding in New Zealand Featured Image

Guide to Snow Sports in New Zealand

Skiing and snowboarding is easy in New Zealand, and whether your're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, our guide will help you plan your ultimate winter adventure.

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Hobbits meet safety in new flight video

Hobbits meet safety in new flight video

Safety videos are one of the most important, yet tedious, things about a flight. That is unless you're a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan and flying with Air New Zealand. Then you get this.

Prank victim sues for mental anguish

Prank victim sues for mental anguish

A man who woke from a colonoscopy to find himself wearing pink knickers is suing for damages. He claims he became the victim of the prank while under anaesthesia.

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Travellers’ Guide to Tap Water: Infographic Featured Image

The Travellers' Guide to Tap Water

In the UK, where you could probably get away with drinking water from a toilet bowl, it can be all too easy to forget that not all countries can claim to have such clean tap water.

This is the Human Pyramid Festival Featured Image

This is the Human Pyramid Festival

October in Spain is all about balance, focus, and feeling tense. The Concurs De Castell Human Pyramid festival takes place every two years, and it is back on for 2014.

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  • From when I arrived in Vienna...

    "Vienna is beautiful, with cafes and statues and lots of classical music everywhere. It's very pricey and very Americanized compared to the last few stops, but it's nice being in cooler weather"

  • Adventurous Things To Do in Saint Lucia

    "The Mount Pimard Nature Trail Segway Experience with Lucian Style was brilliant. I went past World War II bunkers, beautiful beaches, fed some crazy fish at the koi fish pond..."

  • I've Seen the Taj Mahal!

    "Once we were in the grounds there were still so many people it was hard to bear, but then you looked at the Taj Mahal and it was totally worth it."

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