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7 Things To Do Besides Take Photos Featured Image

7 Things To Do Besides Take Photos

We love to take photos when we're travelling on our gap year. But is it stopping us from really enjoying our journeys? Here are some tips to stepping away from the shutter.

Life’s a Beach: Five of the Best in the World Featured Image

Five of the Best Beaches in the World

Here are five of the world's best beaches, from Bondi Beach in Sydney to the jaw dropping Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays, about as close to Heaven as you'll get in this dimension.

Recent News

Brits must apply online to fly to Canada

Brits must apply to fly to Canada

New regulations mean that, from March 15, 2016, British citizens will be required to get electronic authorisation online before they will be allowed to fly into Canada.

Travellers advised to avoid travel to Nepal

Travellers advised to avoid Nepal

The devastating earthquake which shook Nepal to its core on Saturday has claimed at least 3,600 lives, injured at least 6,500, and destroyed many thousands of homes.

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Infographic: Stay Safe Using Free Wi-fi Featured Image

Infographic: Free Wi-fi Safety

These days access to free wi-fi is vital to any gap year. But it can come with a number of risks to your security. This infographic tells you how you can stay safe on free connections.

Infographic: How to Beat Jet Lag Featured Image

Infographic: How to Beat Jet Lag

This infographic is full of great advice regarding the best ways to avoid the dreaded jet lag on your travels. Make sure you follow each of the tips and you'll be just fine!

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  • Things I've Learned from Years of Travelling

    "There are no guarantees that you will become wiser after visiting 50 countries. It doesn’t matter how much you experience, but the way you experience it."

  • Coming Home from Travelling

    "Coming home after a long time abroad is an interesting experience. I was away for 15 weeks and have just finished a week at home. It’s scary how you can just fit back into the life you once had."

  • The Best Places to See Wildlife in the USA

    "USA has several outstanding parks, off-the-beaten-track places and refuges full of breathtaking nature and wildlife due to the delicate and diverse ecosystems."

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