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The Big Question: To Hitch or Not to Hitch? Featured Image

Hitching a Ride Versus Riding a Bus

From saving money to avoiding throngs of people to simply having a much more enjoyable journey, find out why this traveller will always opt for thumbing a ride over paying for one.

The Top Ten Things to do in Kazakhstan Featured Image

Ten Cool Things to do in Kazakhstan

Here are ten of many, many awesome things to do in the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan, from skating mountainous ice rinks to snapping extraordinary architecture.

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Passengers have to push plane in Siberia

Passengers have to push jet in Siberia

From the icy heart of Siberia a video has emerged which shows aircraft passengers getting out and pushing their plane after it became stranded on a freezing runway.

Xbox controller extracts players’ blood

Xbox controller extracts players' blood

The new controller, which sucks out the gamer's blood whenever a player is shot, is hoped to encourage blood donations in Canada. It definitely makes for a more realistic experience.

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Phenomenal Photos of Mystical Iceland Featured Image

Incredible Photos of Mystical Iceland

Tey Bannerman's fascinating photo essay encapsulates the amazing sights, the frosty climate, and the quriky Icelandic culture. Prepare yourself for some serious travel envy.

The Most Mental Bonfire Night in the World Featured Image

Most Mental Bonfire Night in the World

These photos show the Bonfire Night celebrations in Lewes, a small market town in East Sussex. Seven bonfire societies collectively create this pyromaniac extravaganza.

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  • Overheating in a Temazcal

    "He finally opened the door and I launched myself out like a caged animal .Ah, sweet, sweet fresh air."

  • Snorkelling and Beach Life in Indonesia

    "The coral off the coast of Gili T was fairly bleached out, but the other two islands had very beautiful and colourful coral."

  • Sri Lanka in a Nutshell

    "To do the mountain right, it has to be hiked during the night to reach the summit in time for sunrise. So, this is exactly what I did."

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