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An Unexpected Journey in Africa Featured Image

An Unexpected Journey in Africa

This is a story about a journey from Brighton, England, to Kartong, the Gambia, via Portugal, Senegal and the Banjul River, where all that happened was a surprise...

Combining Surfing with Backpacking Featured Image

Combining Surfing with Backpacking

The surfing lifestyle complements the backpacking lifestyle perfectly. The ethos of travel runs deep and surfers are some of the most well-travelled people you'll ever meet.

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Dutch Girl Fakes a Trip to South East Asia

Dutch Student Fakes a Trip to Thailand

For five weeks Dutch student Zilla van den Born pretended to be travelling around South East Asia, when in fact she'd never left her home city of Amsterdam. How did she do it...?

Death by Hairy Chest for US Man

Death by hairy chest for US man

A passenger has died after being denied use of the defibrillator when suffering from a heart attack on a US Flight. The reason? Because his chest was just a bit too hairy.

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Explosively Awesome Close-Up Images of a Volcano Spewing Fiery Lava in Iceland Featured Image

Incredible Images of Erupting Volcano

These phenomenal images were taken at the lava field of Holuhraun in the highlands of Iceland, a hotbed of volcanic activity which has been erupting since the start of September.

Twitter Reactions to A-Level Results 2014 Featured Image

Twitter Reactions to A-Level Results

A-level results day was never going to go unnoticed by the Twittersphere and it's opinionated users. Here is a round up of the most hilarious and absolutely ludicrous tweets from the day.

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