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Five Best Ways to Get Around New Zealand Featured Image

5 Ways to Get Around New Zealand

New Zealand is a country filled with glaciers and beaches, amazing cities, and striking national parks. This guide shows all the different ways New Zealand can be discovered.

Teaching and Waterfalls in Fantastic Fiji Featured Image

Teaching and Waterfalls in Fiji

Fiji is a place of learning. I was teaching the local village children, and they would tell me about their home and culture, whilst the wildlife and scenery taught me how beautiful the world is.

Recent News

Plane passenger opens exit ‘to get fresh air’

Passenger opens exit 'to get fresh air'

It should be common sense not to randomly open the emergency exit on an airplane, but apparently this first time air passenger in China couldn't quite work that out for himself.

Ski trips threatened by poor snowfall in Alps

Poor Alps snowfall threatens ski trips

Some are calling it the worst start to a ski season for forty years, as poor snowfall in the French Alps threatens to melt the hopes of thousands of tourists across Europe.

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Anatomy of a Master Traveller: Infographic Featured Image

The Anatomy of a Master Traveller

This infographic will turn you from bewildered rabbits in the headlights to magnificent vagabonders inspiring hushed noises of awe in every dorm room you enter. Probably.

Twitter Celebrates Christmas Jumper Day Featured Image

The Best of Christmas Jumper Day

It's Christmas Jumper Day! All over the world people are being loud and proud about their most colourful abominations. We rounded up the best (and worst) Twitter had to offer.

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  • Senso-ji Temple in Japan and snack crackers

    "We later learned that the smoke wafting over the body is suppose to be an act of purification... you should try to direct the smoke there."

  • Day One: Exploring Harajuku Fashion

    You take a dipper, fill it with water, and rinse your left hand, then your right hand, and then the handle of the dipper before placing it back on the ledge.

  • Theme Parks in British Style

    Suspended over the track, plunging down 127 feet, and hurtling through a series of near-miss collisions, this rollercoaster ride definitely ranks as a braveheart challenge

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