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Volunteering and Travelling in Kenya Featured Image

Volunteering and Travelling in Kenya

This backpacker spent the first part of her Kenya trip volunteering with children and the second part experiencing some of Kenya's highlights, like climbing Mount Kenya.

5 Places to Remember Holocaust Day Featured Image

5 Places to Remember Holocaust Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorates the Holocaust, an event that we should never allow to be forgotten. Here are some places to visit and remember.

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This app calculates if your plane will crash

App calculates if your plane will crash

Are you scared of a flying? A new app has been released that will relieve your fears by telling you the probability of your plane crashing to the ground with you inside it.

Now there’s a pill that can cure jet lag

Now there's a pill that can cure jet lag

Travel is wonderful, but it can be ruined by jet lag. Now scientists have invented a new treatment that resets your body clock, and could mean you never experience jet lag again.

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Africa Cup of Nations’ Most Colourful Fans Featured Image

Africa Cup of Nations' Colourful Fans

The Africa Cup of Nations 2015 has started, offering a display of the world's most colourful football fans, and reminding everyone of the good things Africa has to offer.

Photo Essay: Harbin Snow & Ice Festival Featured Image

Photos: Harbin Snow & Ice Festival

Harbin Snow & Ice Festival in China celebrates all things winter, with giant ice castles, frozen sculptures, and more Christmas lights than Oxford Street. We rounded up the best Instagram photos.

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  • Snow Monsters in Mount Zao!

    "The silence at the top of the mountain only added to the spookiness. I definitely wouldn’t fancy doing the night skiing that’s advertised everywhere – that’s for sure."

  • Enough of Canberra – off to Melbourne

    "Melbourne is a very hip city. It reminds me a lot of Portland and Seattle and they are known for their coffee. Everyone is very hip and trendy and artsy."

  • Just arrived in Canberra

    "I'm hoping to explore as much of Canberra and the surrounds as I can. Seems like there's loads to do here – looking forward to getting stuck in!"

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