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The Joys of Living and Teaching in Vietnam Featured Image

Living and Teaching Kids in Vietnam

A truly inspiring account from a gapper who moved to Vietnam to teach English in Hanoi. She experienced the full spectrum of emotions, but ultimately had an incredible time.

Going Travelling… and Never Coming Home Featured Image

Opening a Hostel in the Caribbean

About five years ago, a 26 year old guy had the same idea that many of us do: quit the job, pack the bags, travel the world, fall in love and never come back. The difference is, he actually did it.

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Chinese backpacker offers sex for travel

Backpacker offering sex to fund travel

19 year old Chinese backpacker Ju Peng has come up with a novel way to fund her travels: by offering her body for sex to any man who is willing to pay her way through China.

Windowless planes a reality in a decade

Planes to be windowless in a decade

In 10 years the aviation industry could introduce windowless planes to reduce weight and cut costs. Entire fuselages would have smart screen technology, making them appear transparent.

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7 Surreally Brilliant Milton Keynes Stories Featured Image

The Peculiar News of Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has grown to more than just London's commuting town. It now has roundabouts, concrete cows, and some bewildering local news stories. Welcome to my home town.

Travellers’ Guide to Tap Water: Infographic Featured Image

The Travellers' Guide to Tap Water

In the UK, where you could probably get away with drinking water from a toilet bowl, it can be all too easy to forget that not all countries can claim to have such clean tap water.

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  • From when I arrived in Vienna...

    "Vienna is beautiful, with cafes and statues and lots of classical music everywhere. It's very pricey and very Americanized compared to the last few stops, but it's nice being in cooler weather"

  • Adventurous Things To Do in Saint Lucia

    "The Mount Pimard Nature Trail Segway Experience with Lucian Style was brilliant. I went past World War II bunkers, beautiful beaches, fed some crazy fish at the koi fish pond..."

  • I've Seen the Taj Mahal!

    "Once we were in the grounds there were still so many people it was hard to bear, but then you looked at the Taj Mahal and it was totally worth it."

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