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An Unexpected Journey in Africa Featured Image

An Unexpected Journey in Africa

This is a story about a journey from Brighton, England, to Kartong, the Gambia, via Portugal, Senegal and the Banjul River, where all that happened was a surprise...

Combining Surfing with Backpacking Featured Image

Combining Surfing with Backpacking

The surfing lifestyle complements the backpacking lifestyle perfectly. The ethos of travel runs deep and surfers are some of the most well-travelled people you'll ever meet.

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Prank border control in Scotland

Prank border control in Scotland

Road signs, orange cones and hi-vis jackets. With the decision of Scottish independence nearing ever closer, Jon Parker Lee made the most of the tense situation by creating this epic prank.

Dutch Girl Fakes a Trip to South East Asia

Dutch Student Fakes a Trip to Thailand

For five weeks Dutch student Zilla van den Born pretended to be travelling around South East Asia, when in fact she'd never left her home city of Amsterdam. How did she do it...?

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11 Weird Things to See in Amsterdam Featured Image

11 Weird Things to See in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of two halves; on one side there are beautiful canals and quirky buildings, and on the other side lies the downright strange and utterly bewildering.

Ross Kemp’s Fascinatingly Foldable Face Featured Image

Ross Kemp's Foldable Face

Ross Kemp. Investigative journalist. EastEnders icon. BAFTA award winner. And the focus of a bizarre face-folding origami off-shoot known as Kemp Folds.

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