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In Search of Christmas in Japan Featured Image

In Search of Christmas in Japan

This backpacker expected to see temples, mountain scenery and wacky inventions galore in Japan. Instead she found Santa, fairy lights, and Christmas trees.

Around the World in 21 Xmas Traditions Featured Image

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas isn't all Santa and reindeer and rampant consumerism. Here's our guide to weird, wonderful, and wacky Christmas traditions as practiced all over the world.

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You could soon take a gap year on Venus

Take a gap year on Venus

There are few places left on Earth that humans haven't explored, but now NASA is looking to build an airship city in the clouds in the atmosphere around the planet Venus.

Kinder Christmas monkey tased by police

Monkey tased by French police

Meet the monkey who loved Kinder chocolate so much it attacked school children to get its hands on some and had to be tased by French police to stop its terrible rampage.

Latest Features

Anatomy of a Master Traveller: Infographic Featured Image

The Anatomy of a Master Traveller

This infographic will turn you from bewildered rabbits in the headlights to magnificent vagabonders inspiring hushed noises of awe in every dorm room you enter. Probably.

Twitter Celebrates Christmas Jumper Day Featured Image

The Best of Christmas Jumper Day

It's Christmas Jumper Day! All over the world people are being loud and proud about their most colourful abominations. We rounded up the best (and worst) Twitter had to offer.

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