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A Scuba Diving Adventure in Madagascar Featured Image

Scuba Diving in Madagascar

After 14 years of school, A-Levels and University, Lawrence knew that he wanted to go on a gap year, and there are few better ways to spend it than scuba diving in Madagascar.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Iceland Featured Image

7 Awesome Things To Do in Iceland

Iceland is an increasingly popular gap year destination, and for good reason. Here's a quick list of 7 things to do in Iceland that you'd be simply crazy to even consider missing.

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Onboard wi-fi could open planes to hackers

Wi-fi could open planes to hackers

A new US report suggests that onboard passenger wi-fi on commercial airlines could leave planes vulnerable to malicious attacks by hackers able to access the flight controls.

New planes will reduce your cabin space

Planes are getting more cramped

Flights are already almost unbearably crammed, but things are only set to get worse as major airlines look to introduce planes packed with more seats than ever before.

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Infographic: How to Beat Jet Lag Featured Image

Infographic: How to Beat Jet Lag

This infographic is full of great advice regarding the best ways to avoid the dreaded jet lag on your travels. Make sure you follow each of the tips and you'll be just fine!

Africa Cup of Nations’ Most Colourful Fans Featured Image

Africa Cup of Nations' Colourful Fans

The Africa Cup of Nations 2015 has started, offering a display of the world's most colourful football fans, and reminding everyone of the good things Africa has to offer.

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  • The Best Places to See Wildlife in the USA

    "USA has several outstanding parks, off-the-beaten-track places and refuges full of breathtaking nature and wildlife due to the delicate and diverse ecosystems."

  • I've Found my Home: San Juan del Sur

    "I was sharing a bathroom with six surfers that were sharing the one room across the hall. It was a great way to get chatting, and y'know, they were a lot of fun. *wink*."

  • The Most Ill I’ve Ever Been While Travelling

    "Yep, the famous Delhi Belly found me. For your sakes I won’t go into the details but let’s just say I haven’t been able to stray far from a toilet for six days now."

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