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13 Butt-Clenching Spots to Visit in Europe Featured Image

13 Seriously Spooky Places in Europe

If you’ve ever felt just a touch uneasy wandering through your local cemetery the places featured in this article should provide some much needed, yet butt-clenchingly scary, perspective.

An Unexpected Journey in Africa Featured Image

An Unexpected Journey in Africa

This is a story about a journey from Brighton, England, to Kartong, the Gambia, via Portugal, Senegal and the Banjul River, where all that happened was a surprise...

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Avast, me hearties! It’s time to talk pirate!

Avast, me hearties! Time to talk pirate!

The rules be simple: just talk like a pirate. All day. That’s it. The only thing you need to plunder is the rich pirate lingo, which be made up of an astonishing FOUR words!

Prank border control in Scotland

Prank border control in Scotland

Road signs, orange cones and hi-vis jackets. With the decision of Scottish independence nearing ever closer, Jon Parker Lee made the most of the tense situation by creating this epic prank.

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An Epic Journey Cycling Around the World Featured Image

A Journey Cycling Around the World

Felix Starck, a 24-year-old from Germany, speaks to us about his incredible experience cycling around the world for his gap year. 18,000km, 22 countries, 365 days. Amazing.

An Interview with the Naked Handstander Featured Image

Introducing the Naked Handstander

Some people use social media, others send an email, and then there's this guy. Meet the Naked Handstander, who strips off in one country at a time to stick up for what he believes in.

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