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Hydrographic Surveys: Cooler Than They Sound! Featured Image

Hydrographic Surveys: Sound Cool?

At we've just learnt what a hydrographic survey is, although please don't test us on it. Just read this amazing experience from our friend Megan.

How to Say Some Basic Thai Phrases Featured Image

How to Say Some Basic Thai Phrases

Sawatdi! (That’s how you say ‘hello’ in Thailand) For more helpful Thai phrases check out the latest video from our live gap year vloggers Saunders and Ollie.

Gap Year News has relaunched has relaunched

Booking and finding out about gap years, and connecting with other backpackers, has just become easier than ever before with the relaunch of

Vloggers go on a live gap year for

Vloggers go on a live gap year

Video bloggers Saunders and Ollie are about to travel live for, recording all the adventures as they go. It's easy for you to get involved too - just follow #SOtravel.

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6 Reasons Why Paddle Boarding is Awesome Featured Image

6 Ways Paddle Boarding is Awesome

Our competition finalist Sean Barry gave paddleboarding a go while he was in the Gold Coast and has now become one of the sport's biggest advocates - here's why...

Prison Break: Volunteering in a Thai Women’s Jail Featured Image

Teaching Thai Prisoners

After a chance meeting with a friend Sarah ended up teaching English to the women of Chiang Mai behind bars. And the women were nothing like you'd imagine.

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  • What Did For Me

    " have made me realise want I really want to do and have inspired me to travel across the whole of Europe..."

  • Kenya vs. England - Why I'm not coming home...

    "I've been living in Mombasa, Kenya for over one month now as a volunteer teacher and I'm head over heels in love with the place..."

  • Road trip on the Garden Route

    "When I started chatting travel to three Dutch girls in Khayelitsha, South Africa, I never expected they would adopt me for an adventure road trip..."

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