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Need help on figuring out which jabs you need before you travel? Wondering how to meet people in hostels? Want to move off auto mode and take some seriously cool pictures with that brand spanking new camera you got for your birthday?

We’ve got it covered. Everything. This section will answer pretty much any travel-related question imaginable. It is dedicated to gap year advice and boasts one of the most comprehensive sections of travel articles on the web. Our travel articles have always been written by backpackers, for backpackers, so all the advice and information you find here, be it packing the right things in the right way, dealing with homesickness or raising money to buy that dream ticket, are borne out of first-hand experience.

To filter everything down we’ve divided the article categories into eight sections: adventure and sport, documenting your trip, cultural advice, getting around, gap year advice, travel essentials, volunteering and eco travel, and advice on working abroad.

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Cliff Jumping and Hiking in Hawaii

Hawaii was made for adventure, as shown in this article which is all about launching yourself off cliffs and dragging yourself up mountains. Both get the heart going, both are amazing.

Skiing and Snowboarding in New Zealand

Skiing and snowboarding is easy in New Zealand, and whether your're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, our guide will help you plan your ultimate winter adventure.

Gorilla Trekking in Northern Rwanda

When John was about 10, he read an article about the incredibly rare mountain gorillas of central Africa, later inspiring him to go trekking in Northern Rwanda to see them.

Travellers' Guide to Tap Water: Infographic

In the UK, where you could probably get away with drinking water from a toilet bowl, it can be all too easy to forget that not all countries can claim to have such clean tap water.

Working and Learning in New Zealand

Earning money, meeting locals and going on some crazy adventures. Working abroad was the only way that Eleanor wanted to travel around the awesome country of New Zealand.

This is the Human Pyramid Festival

October in Spain is all about balance, focus, and feeling tense. The Concurs De Castell Human Pyramid festival takes place every two years, and it is back on for 2014.

How to Avoid Being a Travel Moron

Travel faux pas, travel fails, being the ultimate tourist, whatever you call it, we've all seen it. Here are the worst and most common awkward travel blunders.

A Guide to Different Ski Resort Jobs

Summer is officially over and there’s an autumn chill to the air. If this is the first October in your life you’re not at school or college, make the most of it and get a job in a ski resort!

Life Volunteering in the Guatemalan Jungle

An insightful piece from a volunteering who has been working with orphans in the jungles of Guatemala. Questions are raised as to the meaning of 'less is more', and if it's an appropriate phrase.

Drink Around the World Like the Locals Do

Testing out the local tipple is a great way to experience part of a country’s culture, and it usually leads to a fun-filled evening. Avoid the tourist bars and instead bond with the locals.

13 Completely Random Sleeping Locations

From cement bag filled storage sheds in the pouring rain, to rooftops in war-torn countries, this traveller has slept in some very unusual places over the past few years.

Your Complete Global Guide to Pepperoni

Pepperoni. It's awesome! But what do you need to know about it while abroad? This infographic covers everything a traveller could possibly need to know!

Exploring the Phenomenal Ruins of Pompeii

Wandering around the perfectly preserved ruins of the ancient Roman town of Pompeii in Italy makes for an absolutely fascinating day out. Make sure this place is on your bucket list!

Freaky Pics of the World's Freakiest Festival

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival sounds harmless but really it is one of the most, goriest, stomach-churning, shocking festivals to take place on Planet Earth. Sick bags at the ready!

13 Butt-Clenching Spots to Visit in Europe

If you’ve ever felt just a touch uneasy wandering through your local cemetery the places featured in this article should provide some much needed, yet butt-clenchingly scary, perspective.

An Epic Journey Cycling Around the World

Felix Starck, a 24-year-old from Germany, speaks to us about his incredible experience cycling around the world for his gap year. 18,000km, 22 countries, 365 days. Amazing.

An Interview with the Naked Handstander

Some people use social media, others send an email, and then there's this guy. Meet the Naked Handstander, who strips off in one country at a time to stick up for what he believes in.

11 Weird Things to See in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of two halves; on one side there are beautiful canals and quirky buildings, and on the other side lies the downright strange and utterly bewildering.

Ross Kemp's Fascinatingly Foldable Face

Ross Kemp. Investigative journalist. EastEnders icon. BAFTA award winner. And the focus of a bizarre face-folding origami off-shoot known as Kemp Folds.

An Unexpected Journey in Africa

This is a story about a journey from Brighton, England, to Kartong, the Gambia, via Portugal, Senegal and the Banjul River, where all that happened was a surprise...

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