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Need help on figuring out which jabs you need before you travel? Wondering how to meet people in hostels? Want to move off auto mode and take some seriously cool pictures with that brand spanking new camera you got for your birthday?

We’ve got it covered. Everything. This section will answer pretty much any travel-related question imaginable. It is dedicated to gap year advice and boasts one of the most comprehensive sections of travel articles on the web. has always been written by backpackers, for backpackers, so all the advice and information you find here, be it packing the right things in the right way, dealing with homesickness or raising money to buy that dream ticket, are borne out of first-hand experience.

To filter everything down we’ve divided the article categories into eight sections: adventure and sport, documenting your trip, cultural advice, getting around, gap year advice, travel essentials, volunteering and eco travel, and advice on working abroad.

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How to Say Some Basic Thai Phrases

Sawatdi! (That’s how you say ‘hello’ in Thailand) For more helpful Thai phrases check out the latest video from our live gap year vloggers Saunders and Ollie.

Prison Break: Volunteering in a Thai Women’s Jail

After a chance meeting with a friend Sarah ended up teaching English to the women of Chiang Mai behind bars. And the women were nothing like you'd imagine.

Redesigning and Rebranding just got a major redesign and rebrand. Cormac takes us through the behind the scenes journey, and provides insight into the exciting new developments.

How to Manage Your Travel Money

Our live gap year vloggers Saunders and Ollie are back, this time with really good advice on how to manage those all-important finances when you’re abroad.

Top Five Things to Pack for Travelling

In their latest video Saunders and Ollie walk - or, stamp - us through their top five things to pack for travelling. Every backpacker needs these items before leaving.

Travel Questions for Saunders and Ollie

The community Tweeted in their questions for Saunders and Ollie and they answered. Although, Ollie wasn't too keen on the hostel sex one by the looks.

Visas for South East Asia: The #SOtravel Way

Knowing which visas to get for South East Asia can be very confusing. Our guys on the ground out there reveal exactly how to make the visa process as easy as possible.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai: the Jewel in Northern Thailand’s Crown

Venture away from the bustle of Bangkok, and the lure of the beaches in the south and you can find culture and excitement in Thailand's northern city of Chiang Mai.

Vaccinations for South East Asia

Ollie and Saunders reveal what jabs they had for their big trip along the Indochina route, and which ones they decided they were tough enough to skip.

The Best Route Around Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos

Saunders and Ollie are showing us what it's really like to go backpacking for the first time. Here they are planning their route through Indochina - any suggestions for them?

A Sweat Lodge Ceremony with the Navajo Nation

Stephanie attended a traditional Navajo ceremony believed to cleanse her and help her journey back to the first state of life - where Navajos believe we grow from again.

On the Run in Las Vegas: 24 Hours in Sin City

Casinos, breakfast buffets, pool parties and OTT hotels, how will you see it all? All with this backpacker's guide to one of the craziest cities in the world, that's how.

How to Have a Week of Adventure on the Gold Coast

We visited the Gold Coast in search of fun and adventure on the water, in the rainforest and up in the sky. Here's the proof we found it, and some koalas and kangaroos too.

Snorkelling with Turtles on the Gold Coast

Ellis thought she was going snorkelling with turtles with the Watersports Guru. Turns out a whole host of other creatures decided to join them in the water.

Strangely Erotic Photos of Antelope Canyon

John went to photograph the beautiful Antelope Canyon but, call us dirty-minded, we couldn't help but see a few rude outlines and shapes in his pics. Or is it just us?

15 Cheap and Dirty Things to Do in San Francisco

Travelling around the USA can take its toll on your budget, here are some cheap and mostly free things to do in San Francisco to keep you busy.

Celebrating 27 Years of Tucan Travel: The Adventure Travel Backpacker Specialist

Matt has been with Tucan Travel since 1997 and in that time of working on tours around South America has seen more than many could hope to in a lifetime.

Backpacker's Guide to Camping at Oktoberfest

Camping at Oktoberfest is a great way to keep the costs down. Caitlin reveals what it's really like and how you can get the best deal on food, drink and sleep.

The Most Hipster Things to Do in Williamsburg, NY

Just a little neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York, Williamsburg is one of the most hipster places in the world right now. This is what to do there.

5 Interesting Facts about the Kazantip Festival

The Kazantip Festival in the Ukraine is two weeks of crazy partying, extreme sports, fun, love, freedom and relaxation. If you haven't heard of it before, check out these facts.

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