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Need help on figuring out which jabs you need before you travel? Wondering how to meet people in hostels? Want to move off auto mode and take some seriously cool pictures with that brand spanking new camera you got for your birthday?

We’ve got it covered. Everything. This section will answer pretty much any travel-related question imaginable. It is dedicated to gap year advice and boasts one of the most comprehensive sections of travel articles on the web. Our travel articles have always been written by backpackers, for backpackers, so all the advice and information you find here, be it packing the right things in the right way, dealing with homesickness or raising money to buy that dream ticket, are borne out of first-hand experience.

To filter everything down we’ve divided the article categories into eight sections: adventure and sport, documenting your trip, cultural advice, getting around, gap year advice, travel essentials, volunteering and eco travel, and advice on working abroad.

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How Will You Manage Your Travel Money?

When you’re travelling it really does pay to be savvy with your money, and Cash Passport, a prepaid card with no links to your actual bank account, is a great way to start.

Walk on the Wild Side in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its extraordinary diversity of wildlife and mind-boggling scenery, and as such is one of the best places in the world to experience the great outdoors.

My Week at a Moroccan Surf Retreat

Rebecca went to Morocco to spend a week at a surf camp. It sounds pretty awesome, and definitely a holiday with a difference! Have a read and see if you fancy it too.

10 Best Breakfasts From Around the World

Top gapper Sarah has travelled the world searching for an international breakfast worth waking up for. Here are her top 10 morning bites from around the world.

How to Squeeze in a Holiday

Whether its work commitments or you’re saving up for something big, taking a holiday isn't always easy. But, it can be done! Here's all you need to know about taking a short break.

10 Things I Hate About Travelling

Samantha reveals her top ten travelling peeves when she's off around the world. From jet lag to queues travelling isn't all sunsets and sand! And there's a cute photo of a dog too...

Are Gap Years Just for Toffs Who Want to Build Toilets?

In her final post as Content Manager our Vicky reveals what's so great about gap years, and why we need to get away from 'gap yah' and accept that they really are awesome.

Volunteering in the Philippines as Typhoon Haiyan Hit

Annabel was volunteering on international citizen service in the Philippines when Typhoon Haiyan Hit. It meant she could help at a time they needed her most.

A Budget Long Weekend in Prague

Samantha lives in Prague. She reveals what the city has to offer the budget backpacker for a weekend. Read on for how to make the most of your euros in the Czech capital.

5 Things to do in Sunny London

It can be a rare occurrence, but when the sun's out in England we want to make the most of it. Here's a guide to what you can do in London this summer.

Totally Bizarre Photos from the Japanese Festival of the Penis

Every spring thousands of Japanese head to Kawasaki to celebrate ‘Kanamara Matsuri’ (the Festival of the Steel Phallus). It's a time to celebrate penises and all the joy they bring.

Top Skills You Could Learn on a Gap Year

In the last of the Saunders and Ollie videos they talk about what they've learnt from spending three months travelling around South East Asia for

Our Best Travel Moment #SOTravel

Saunders and Ollie are back. Sad for them, happy for their parents. Here they reminisce about the best parts of their trip from their favourite places to best moments...

7 Other Things to Do in Glastonbury

Stephanie shows us her favourite things to do in Glastonbury that don't involve the festival whatsoever! Sounds like quite the nice weekend away in England!

69 Ways to Get Sex on Your Gap Year

Ella's compiled the best advice from our message boards on how to get some sex when you're on your gap year. Go for it, enjoy yourself, but stay safe and say no, if you want.

A Year of Adventures in a Norway 'Folk High School'

Unlike most people, Ella didn't do the South-East Asia route, or InterRail or even work in Australia on her gap year. She went to a finishing school in Norway, check it out..

Teaching English in France

Emily travelled to France from the USA to help teach English to elementary school children. She's written up a few handy words of advice for all of us aspiring teachers. Enjoy!

Backpacker's Guide to Climbing Kilimanjaro

Whether you're thinking of incorporating the Kilimanjaro climb into a gap year or a one-off event, here's some tips from the Machame Route, to food and altitude sickness.

10 People You Definitely Don't Want To Travel With

Who you go travelling with can literally make or break your experience. So if you recognise your mate in the line up here or you manage to pick one up on the way, lose them. Fast!

Quick Backpackers Guide to Trinidad

Within hours of arriving in Tobago, Sarah soon discovered that wining and liming are the islander’s two biggest pastimes and it would just be rude not to join them!

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