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Advice on City Breaks

Whether you’re on your gap year in the countryside and want to head into the city for the bright lights, or you just need a city break from your daily grind, taking a few days to explore the city will sort you right out.

There are 36,722 cities in the world, so you have to forgive us for not including them all, but below you’ll find guides to a handful of the most popular city breaks for gappers. What to eat, what to drink and what to see are all covered in our top gappers’ guides. Enjoy.

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Backpackers Guide to Glasgow

As a third year Glasgow university student Rebecca knows a thing or two about food, drink and having fun in Glasgow. Here's where she shares her years of research...

How to Explore Dublin in a Day

Olivia takes us through a perfect 24 hours in Dublin. From breakfast to shopping to new discoveries and the best bars - all you need for a great day out in Dublin.

On the Run in Las Vegas: 24 Hours in Sin City

Casinos, breakfast buffets, pool parties and OTT hotels, how will you see it all? All with this backpacker's guide to one of the craziest cities in the world, that's how.

Quick Backpacker’s Guide to a Weekend in Lisbon

Shelby reveals her tops tips for seeing the best of Lisbon in just two days. Located in the south of Portugal it's a top spot for anyone interrailing across Europe.

The Top 12 Things to Do in Melbourne, By a Melbournite

If anyone knows what to do in Melbourne, it's top gapper Anna. She shares her years of knowledge about her city with us gappers, now pay attention.

How to Explore Copenhagen on a Budget

Amber tells us how you can explore Copenhagen with just a few krone in your back pocket - food, drink, accommodation, things to do and all.

How to See Barcelona on a Budget

Visit Barcelona and don't spend very much, if you have these top tips from gapper Anna. She knows a thing or two about (not) spending your euros.

Top Things To Do In A Rainy London

Here's a list of things to do in rainy London as we can’t think of anything worse than exploring London with puddles in your shoes.

Macau: The Las Vegas of the East

China’s answer to Las Vegas is just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong. It has some of the grandest casinos on the planet and a clutch of historical treasures.

Embracing Chinese Culture in Beijing

Beijing is one of the best cities in the world, but it's even better if you embrace the Chinese culture. Sarah Abrahams tells us how it's possible to do just that.

Top 5 Cities Around the World

On your gap year you're going to come across some of the most amazing cities around the world. We thought we'd give you our top 5 cities so you know what you're in for.

5 Things to do in Helsinki

Sara West is currently studying in Oulu, Finland. However, when she's not studying she's travelling, and she tells us about 5 things to do in Helsinki.

Things to do in Victoria

Victoria packs a punch and some would argue that it’s the best state to visit in Australia, but what makes it such a must see on a gap year?

72 Hours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is more than just a tourist hub. That's why Gemma Knight took to the streets to see what there was to see. Read about her 72 hours in Hong Kong.

Katie Finn's Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is a blur of exciting experiences. Katie Finn guides us through the city that gave the world hippies, gay pride and Otis Redding's best tune.

Top 5 Free Things to Do in 5 Cities

What can you do in a pricey metropolis? Experienced gapper and travel writer Francesca Harper has found us five free things to do in five of the world's most expensive cities.

Macca Sherifi's Guide to Budapest

It was while sitting in a sauna at 72 degrees, naked as the day I was born, sweating like Lee Evens after a two-hour gig at Wembley, that I really took to Budapest and its charm. After all, a city that encourages public nudity (albeit, in an enclosed environment) is a city that’s going to attract backpackers in their droves and backpacking in Budapest is as good as it gets.

Top 5 Things to do in Beijing

Beijing - smoggy, golden, timeless city that it is - boasts a truly baffling array of historical sightseeing gems, from the Forbidden City to the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace to the Great Wall, each one iconic in its familiarity. Of course, no trip to this heaving cosmopolis is complete without visiting its most famous attractions - but don’t stop there.

Top 5 Things to do in Shanghai

Anyone with a guidebook and half a brain can work their way around the major attractions of a buzzing metropolis like Shanghai, left with a sense of having drifted through the city from one tourist-packed sight to the next, seeing the skyscrapers, the neon, the people, but never really getting under their skin. However, with a little insider knowledge it's easier than you might think.

Katie Finn's Guide to Copenhagen

After having spent the best part of a year as a British girl living and studying in the vast land mass which is the United States, I found myself with a new appreciation of both the smallness of England, and the relative ease with which us Brits can leave our shores. Yes, we may moan about the weather constantly, but for comparatively little expense it is possible for us to travel to different climes.

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Page 1 of 2 pages (22 results)