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Countries, we just love them here at Some more than others, and you’ll find our favourites in this here article section. As gappers ourselves the ones we love will be the ones you love too, Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Colombia, Cuba, Jordan… Plus another 180 or so that I won’t list here.

We may not have guides to every one of them, but I can assure you they’re on the to do list. If you’d like to write one for a country not listed, just let us know. For now though, take heed of the following awesome advice safe in the knowledge that our gappers have been there and done it. They know their chosen country like the back of their hand, and they’d like to introduce you to it in the best way possible.

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Lebanon: Filthy, Frustrating, Fun, Fantastic

Lebanon. It’s filthy, frustrating, and a nightmare to get anything done. It’s claustrophobic, threatening, chaotic, and all the rules go out of the window. And that is exactly why I love it.

Only Bonkers People Ignore Brilliant Burma

Going to Burma? Don't leave home without reading these 17 pearls of wisdom before visiting what is quickly becoming one of the hottest backpacking destinations in the world.

Quick Backpackers Guide to Trinidad

Within hours of arriving in Tobago, Sarah soon discovered that wining and liming are the islander’s two biggest pastimes and it would just be rude not to join them!

Colombia: Too Dangerous or The Next Tourist Hotspot?

Sarah visited Colombia as an after thought on a long trip through South America, what she didn't expect to find was beautiful scenery, warm hearts and a new holiday romance...

101 Things You Need to Do in Thailand

Lady boys shows, Pad Thai, elephants and the Khao San Road nightlife, with so many things to do in Thailand you'll need some direction on where to start...

The Two Sides of the Algarve

Cormac Scanlan believes it's time to expose the ignorant and intolerant attitudes that divide tourism in Portugal's beautiful and historic Algarve region.

One Month in Vietnam

Helen Davies tells us all about her experience of spending one month in Vietnam. Her verdict? She loved every minute of it and she can't wait to go back again.

How to Backpack Around Cuba

Backpacking around Cuba is fun and actually really easy. If you fancy stomping the vibrant streets of Cuba and seeing what this Caribbean island has to offer, read on...

The Coolest Things You Could Ever Do in Australia

Hitting the awesomeness that is Australia on your gap year? Then read Rusja Foster's top 10 of the coolest things you could ever do while you're in Australia.

The Green behind the Gold

It's easy to get caught up in city life - it's fast-paced and hectic. But there's a way to chillax - all you have to do is see the green behind the gold.

Jen Whittingham's Guide to Carriacou

Writing this, I am snuggled in my pj's, surrounded by seas of fleecy blankets and a warm cup of tea, with my body pressed up against the fading heater. I look outside, and my eyes are met with the same, dreary canvas of grey. But, while we’re suffering from our annual coughs and snivels in the midst of the winter chill, the little, Caribbean island of Carriacou is chillin' in the summer sun.

Rory Wood's Guide to Laos

Laos is a country that people know little about and they often ask why they should go. The main reason is that Laos has not been exposed to tourism and western culture (and often many other local cultures) for so long. This gives Laos a very undiscovered and natural fell to it, uncommon in large parts of South East Asia. That, and it's absolutely stunning in every sense of the word.

Travelling in Honshu, Japan

From smelly smurf shoes to cubby-hole capsule rooms, a trip to Honshu Island, Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan, can be overwhelmingly Japanese at times.

Andrew Tipp's Guide to South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho

South Africa is an awesome travel destination. The backpacker trail is well established and thoroughly worn, but there’re also plenty of opportunities to get off the beaten track, making this a great country for those embarking on their first big trip as well as others seeking more a independent adventure.

Daisy Ashworth's Guide to the USA

So during Feb/March and April of this year I travelled across America from Seattle to New York via numerous US cities. I do not, by any means know everything there is to know about backpacking across the USA but I thought I would write down what I had learnt in case it helps any fellow gap years down the line

James Mooney's Budget Guide to China

If you ever get the feeling you’re a bit cramped in China then remember one thing - the population's 1.3 billion. China can hit you hard with culture shock and in my experience it’s the country with the biggest cultural difference with the UK or other western countries. You're completely on your own. Even words like OK and TAXI don’t work here.

Adam Lunn's Guide to Thailand

That tingle of excitement, anticipation and nervousness was the exact feeling I had when I first arrived in Thailand on a very hot and humid day back in April 2003. My friends and I had done a little bit of reading on the country, but we decided that we wouldn't do too much research as we just wanted to have a mad experience where we knew nothing except the hostel we were staying in! This added to the excitement and as soon as that plane landed, the magic we had imagined duly followed...

Darren Crocker's Guide to Germany

Not only is Germany the true gate way to Europe, (It borders with nine other Countries. Can you name them all? Knowing could come in handy on the pub quiz machine!) but it has some of the worlds most amazing and breath taking landscape of rivers, lakes, forests and mountains, friendly and diverse people and some of the planets greatest beer! Sound good?

Warrick Howard's Guide to Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the most beautiful and varied countries in the world and should be considered a ‘must see’ on anyone’s South American journey; it certainly was on ours...

Hannah Simmons's Guide to Brazil

Just the name Brazil can conjure up images of beaches, parties and jungle. From Copacabana to Carnaval to the Amazon, Brazil is everything you would expect and more. Miles of coastline, blue seas backed by lush greenery lead inland to the biggest rainforest in the world – natural beauty flanked by the awe inspiring sight of the Amazon River...

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