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Top Tips for Being a Freegan in Sydney

Becky Khalil survived on less than $200 for a week in Sydney. She reveals how to live for free in one of the world's most expensive cities, and have a great time doing it.

How a Gap Year Can Help You Lose Weight

Taking a gap year is the perfect way to get healthy and stay healthy. All that trekking and exploring in the hot sun and the pounds will just drop off.

11 Dubious World Delicacies

A truly revolting menu showcasing some of the world's stomach-twitching delicacies, from fertilised duck egg to maggot-infested cheese to deep-fried tarantulas.

Finding Food in Vietnam

Vietnam is well known for its delicious cuisine. Take this guide from Ben Turland with you when you visit to ensure you don't miss out on any of the delicacies.

Finding Food in Laos

Ben Turland's back with a bang and he's telling us all about finding food in Laos. From larb to tam mak hoong, it's got it all, so see what to eat when you're there!

Finding Food in Thailand

Ben Turland has been tasting some tantalising treats and he tells us all about finding food in Thailand. Check out what some of the hottest things are to eat. Literally.

Finding Food in India

Ben Turland's been travelling around and finding food in India. Read about some of the best things to eat (and some of the things to avoid) while on the road in India.

A Taste of Morocco

Tasting the delicious cuisine in Morocco and where you'll find the best fresh fish, how to get a spicy tagine and the hidden messages behind sweet mint tea.

Finding Food on the Road

Ben Turland's about to go backpacking again, but what really makes him happy? Food apparently. Here he talks about finding some sumptuous street food on the road.

A Taste of Vietnam

If you followed my trip online, you'll know that I've just been backpacking around Vietnam with Intrepid Travel. The question is, what actually happened?

My Chilli Challenge

This is the story of my chilli challenge, the stupidest thing I've ever done while on the road. I don't expect either sympathy, all I expect is a laugh.

Vegetarian Travelling: A Guide by Nikki Smith

Travelling as a vegetarian. This topic doesn't come up much so I thought I would write a guide about it. I went travelling with my boyfriend and we're both vegetarians. I thought I would list how I found travelling as a vegetarian in each country I went to and add any restaurants we discovered that we thought deserved a mention.

A Beginners Guide to Cooking

This guide is for all you guys out there who have perfected cheese on toast, as an alternative from beans on toast, but who would like to do something a bit more, a bit exciting, but have been afraid to ask. It's also for those of you who are about to go travelling, heading off to university, moving into your own pad or anyone who has always wanted to be able to do something in the kitchen, but have never been shown how.

Food for Thought: A Meal in Haikou, China

A few years ago, one November night, in the Chinese city of Haikou, I was treated to a meal by two young students of English. I feel at a loss for words as to how best describe this meal... they were clearly trying to impress me. It was taken at a large, and apparently popular, open-air restaurant (Haikou enjoys tropical climes).