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Animal Volunteering Advice

In terms of volunteering, working with animals is hugely popular with gappers, and there’s certainly no shortage of options to do so! Plenty have been there and done it and come home to tell the tales, many of which can be found in this section.

You can read about volunteering with orangutans in Malaysia, about seeing the Big 5 (elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino) in South Africa, about whale-watching in New Zealand and about conservationism in Borneo.

Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in these articles to consider working with animals yourself on your gap year. If this is the case, have a browse of our opportunities to work with animals on your gap year.

Gorilla Trekking in Northern Rwanda

When John was about 10, he read an article about the incredibly rare mountain gorillas of central Africa, later inspiring him to go trekking in Northern Rwanda to see them.

Huskies, Grizzlies and Mozzies: Summer Volunteering in the Arctic

Anna spent a summer volunteering with husky dogs in the Arctic Circle in Canada. Sounds like an incredible opportunity, but was it worth the epic journey?

Volunteering with Elephants in Thailand

Tina Thorburn has been volunteering all over the world - in this 'a day in a life as a volunteer' she talks about her time volunteering in Thailand.

The Great Conservationist speaks to Borneo conservation leader Leo Biddle to learn more about his journey to the jungles of Asia, the honest reality of wildlife conservation and the rewarding challenge of animal volunteering. Read this fascinating interview of the man aiming to change the volunteer industry.

Volunteering with Animals in Malaysia

What kind of animal volunteer projects can you do in Malaysia? What wildlife will you encounter? Malaysia is one of the jewels of South East Asia, full of dream-like scenery, rich cultural history and amazing travelling adventures. Whilst simply backpacking through the country can be fantastic, spending time working on a volunteer project can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

African Safaris: Seeing the Big Five

Seeing the Big Five is top of many peoples’ wish lists for the holiday of a lifetime. If you’re looking for seriously memorable safari holidays, Kenya offers it all. Fantastic game viewing, great value for money and great beach resorts for some rest and relaxation after your exertions.

Top 5 Animal Encounters

Animal encounters are one of those things that you really need to experience on your gap year, so here's our list of top five animal encounters.

Illegal Poaching in Africa

Illegal poaching and trade of endangered animals has been a huge issue in Africa for decades. Even today, despite great efforts by African wildlife authorities and environmental groups, the killing goes on. Earlier this year, over 1,200 tusks were discovered in Tanzania, a sign that the situation is nowhere near where it should be.

Volunteering with Elephants and Teaching in Sri Lanka

Lewis Smith and Dani Mason split their time in Sri Lanka between teaching in schools for under-privileged children and working in an elephant orphanage.