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Life Volunteering in the Guatemalan Jungle

An insightful piece from a volunteering who has been working with orphans in the jungles of Guatemala. Questions are raised as to the meaning of 'less is more', and if it's an appropriate phrase.

Volunteering in the Philippines as Typhoon Haiyan Hit

Annabel was volunteering on international citizen service in the Philippines when Typhoon Haiyan Hit. It meant she could help at a time they needed her most.

Life as a Volunteer in Rural Sri Lanka

Have you ever thought about volunteering in Sri Lanka? Becky Khalil did it and learned she had more skills in her volunteering repertoire than she ever realised.

Volunteering on a Combo Placement

For those who want to experience a bit of everything on their gap year, combo placements, which integrate a variety of different activities, could be the answer.

Is Voluntourism Helping the Right People?

Volunteering expert Martin Stevenson offers his professional and informed advice on how to choose a volunteering project and which ones to avoid.

How to Find a Responsible Volunteering Project

Choosing a volunteering placement is a job in itself - not all volunteering companies have the scruples and integrity you'd expect. Check out this list for what to look out for...

The Importance of Ethics While Volunteering

When you're choosing a volunteering placement there are a few things you should always consider, and the ethics of volunteering has never been more important.

The Wonder of WWOOFing

Have you thought about WWOOFing on your gap year? No? Then make sure you read Kailea MacGillivray's feature on the wonder of WWOOFing; we think it'll change you mind.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Volunteer in Kenya

Katie Baxter is currently living the life volunteering in Kenya. She explains her typical day in the life of a volunteer; we're not going to lie, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Virtuous Volunteering or Clueless Colonialism?

Virtuous volunteering or clueless colonialism? Anna goes into an in-depth view of volunteering in Ghana and whether it can do more harm than good.

Gap Year Programs

Volunteering on gap year programs in developing countries can be beneficial and rewarding, but what are your options? And what are the challenges?

Volunteer in Africa

Volunteers in Africa are spoilt for choice and there are a number of options and programmes to choose from. Read all about why you should volunteer in Africa.

Why Volunteer on Your Gap Year?

Why do gap year travellers spend their money, time and effort to volunteer when they can simply throw on their backpack and have a care-free experience?

Long Term Vs. Short Term Volunteering

Volunteering is one of the most popular opportunities on a gap year, but the question is, long term volunteering or short term volunteering? Let the debate begin.

Missionary Work in Burkina Faso

Whatever happened to Burkina Faso? It’s that place with the funnily named capital (Ouagadougou… giggle, giggle) that you probably heard of once in a pub quiz and then immediately forgot. Your grandparents will know of Upper Volta, as it was once known, but then it changed its name and seemingly disappeared off the map. Well, that's where I'm going, to Burkina Faso.

The Gapyear.com Guide to Choosing a Volunteer Placement

Looking for volunteer placements is exciting, but don't get carried away and eagerly sign up for the first project that looks like your dream experience! There are many mistakes you can make when approaching volunteering, so gapyear.com has put together this guide to help you avoid them.

Building an Orphanage in Cambodia

Red or blue? I asked myself sitting at my desk. It’s something I had thought about for a while, sitting in my comfortable, mediocre paid, extra-super-duper secure government job. Take the red pill and the risk to discover the real world outside of my narrow-horizoned existence or take the blue and stay safe within the confines of my perfectly adequate personal corridor of life?

Going on an Unplanned Gap Year

"Last year on results day I was devastated. I hadn’t done enough work during my final year at school and had missed my grades for my first choice university. Rather than take my insurance choice, I decided to take a year out..."

Care Work in South Africa

It was a cool clear winter evening when I arrived in Cape Town South Africa for seven weeks of voluntary work. I was picked up from the airport and dropped off at my host parents who lived in Strandfontein, a town about half an hour from Cape Town. I spent my days at a local hospital working in the HIV/AIDS clinic and it changed my life.

Sports Coaching in Ghana

There are so many life-changing experiences available for gappers that I had great fun researching options for my gap year. I wanted not only to travel, but to adapt and live in a totally different culture. Having always played sports, I thought the football coaching placement in Ghana organised by Sporting Opportunities sounded different and amazing.

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