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Wildlife Volunteering Advice

Wildlife and travel go hand in hand.There are wildlife and travel opportunities in most continents around the world however most focus on Asian, South American, African and Australasian countries. Wildlife and travel projects focus on preserving species that are threatened or endangered from habitat loss, logging and other illegal activities.

They also create new and innovative ways to teach the local community about the benefits of ongoing conservation and try to enforce effective plans for the future to protect the wildlife. These types of projects generally take the interest of gappers who work or study in the fields of eco-science or veterinary science however majority of these programmes do not require any specific training.

Now you know you want to protect the wildlife, how do you go about it? There are thousands of wildlife conservation projects out there unashamedly shouting out for help. If you need a little more help deciding where to go and what project to spend your valuable gap year time on then explore our wildlife and travel advice section. From African safaris to whale watching in The Azores, there are loads of advice articles there to help you make the right decision.

The Importance of Marine Conservation

In this article, Chloë Hunt talks about the importance of marine conservation and how volunteers really need to make sure that they're contributing to the environment.

African Safaris: Seeing the Big Five

Seeing the Big Five is top of many peoples’ wish lists for the holiday of a lifetime. If you’re looking for seriously memorable safari holidays, Kenya offers it all. Fantastic game viewing, great value for money and great beach resorts for some rest and relaxation after your exertions.

Whale-Watching: Getting Close to Giants

Seeing a whale up close and in the flesh is perhaps on the 'to do' list of many wildlife enthusiasts. And with the blue whale not only being the largest animal alive today, but also believed to be the largest animal to have ever lived - it really could be a once in a lifetime experience.

Top 5 Animal Encounters

Animal encounters are one of those things that you really need to experience on your gap year, so here's our list of top five animal encounters.

A Veterinary Experience in Mongolia

Mongolia. For years that one word has conjured up a certain magic in my mind. Images of wide open steppe, vast expanses of desert, camels, yaks, snow leopards, wild horses, nomads and Genghis Khan began to float into my dreams as I planned my trip. As I stared out of the plane I caught my first glimpse of the steppe, and it was as wild and empty as I could have hoped.

Illegal Poaching in Africa

Illegal poaching and trade of endangered animals has been a huge issue in Africa for decades. Even today, despite great efforts by African wildlife authorities and environmental groups, the killing goes on. Earlier this year, over 1,200 tusks were discovered in Tanzania, a sign that the situation is nowhere near where it should be.