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Stay in Touch While You Travel

Staying in touch while you’re off on your gap year can sometimes prove to be difficult. You’re often having far too much fun to worry about calling people at home. And then when you do get a chance sometimes there simply isn’t a way too.

Take Myanmar for example; backpacking around this country will be mean you’re in the land of non-existent mobile reception! Or what if you are somewhere where there is an abundance of reception but the cost to receive a call mirrors the cost of a domestic flight on a low cost airline! “Skype!”,  we hear you cry but not all countries have super-fast broadband…some under-developed countries are still on dial up internet connections making Skype conversations near impossible!

What do you do? Well, luckily you’ve read through our great selection of advice articles on how to best keep in touch so staying in touch with friends and family is a breeze. There will always be a way to let loved ones know you’re ok, you might just have to be smart about it. Read more to find out how staying in touch can be stress-free

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