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Gap Year Journey Planners

Route planners are a great way to identify the best paths to travel to get the most out of your gap year. Journey planners can also help you discover new destinations you hadn’t thought to travel to! Route planners can help you manage your stint away and work out how best to meet up with friends who are also travelling but have chosen to discover a different path.

Route planners help identify the best transport options to choose from such as cruising the areas neighbouring the Andes Basin in South America to jumping on a coach roughing the classic 10 hour route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in Thailand. With route planners you are totally in control. There is a great selection of articles that can help you organise your independent travel, leaving you feeling confident with your travel choices.

If you need a helping hand organising your gap year journey then check out the latest route planners available to you. And if you have a suggested route that you’ve tried and tested and want to share with the community then make sure you jump on our message boards and share the knowledge!

How to Travel Independently in Russia

This article is jam-packed with brilliant and really useful advice on firstly how to get into Russia (not as easy as you might expect) and secondly on how to travel around the country once inside.

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Follow Saunders and Ollie as they show you exactly how to cross the border from Vietnam to Laos, and get a fun surprise in the form of a propeller aeroplane out of 'Nam.

Frequently Asked Questions about RTW Tickets

Every year we get the same questions about round the world tickets. Instead of constantly answering your questions, that we'd write an article about it.

Planning when to take a Gap Year

Taking time out from education is a great way of getting a taste of the real world. Employers look favourably on gap years as a sign of independent thinking, self-motivation and are good subjects to bring up in interviews as a source of proven experience.

Around the World Planner

Organising a trip around the world isn't as hard as it seems, but there's lots to think about and it can seem daunting at first. That's why we have created this wonderful download planner containing everything you need...

New Zealand Planner

The New Zealand Planner is the perfect accompaniment to our Around the World Planner and also works neatly with the Australia Planner. Download it now! Download them all! They're brilliant...

A Beginners Guide to Round the World Tickets

Right! Round the World (RTW) tickets are awesome. They're one of the cheapest ways to see the world and perfect for the first time backpackers. They may look complicated, but they're really not. Here's a quick run-down on what round the world tickets are and how round the world tickets work.

An Example Round the World Route

There are a number of ways to travel round the world. If fact, there are hundreds of ways to travel round the world. It's completely you're choice. However, if you're stuck for ideas, then here's a quick example route round the world. Hopefully it'll give you an idea or two on possible on your gap year.

Australia Planner

Australia is big, beautiful and bloody miles away. Fortunately, your friends at are here to help. We have created the Australia Planner in order to... wait for it... help you plan your trip to Australia! It's brilliant. Download it now...