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Despite the well-worn phrase ‘gap year’, and incidentally the entire branding of our site, it’s rare for travellers to spend literally a whole year away from home. Most backpackers aren’t gone for longer than six months. Having said that, there are some who go the whole hog, and in this section you’ll find advice and articles geared toward that.

Also, itself has been around practically since the dawn of the Internet, and that in itself is something of a subject. In this section of GYC (ironic "hood" speak) you’ll find articles explaining exactly what it is we do and why the site is so great for travellers, and also the history of the company and how far it’s come since those early days.

Have a browse through these articles and read both for inspiration and for well-researched advice from first-hand experiences.

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Gap Years For Ages 16, 17 and 18

Planning a gap year at sixteen or seventeen may not be easy, but that doesn't mean it's impossible! Here is a guide on how under 18's can deal with age restrictions and travel the world.

How My Gap Year Changed My Life

Tom Smith took his first gap year five years ago and has never looked back. Here he tells us how his experiences have shaped his life and why travelling is such an incredible thing to do.

19 Things Not to Tell the Parents as You Leave for Your Gap Year

Leaving for your gap year can be a pretty stressful time for your parents too - they worry. Here are a few things not to say as you're about to leave through that door.

Discussing Your Gap Year at an Interview

An employer's perspective on the value of your gap year travel, with practical advice on how to discuss and explain the benefits of your time out in an job interview.

Redesigning and Rebranding just got a major redesign and rebrand. Cormac takes us through the behind the scenes journey, and provides insight into the exciting new developments.

50 Utterly Unmissable Gap Year Articles

Ready for your mind to be blown? Excellent! This collection of the 50 most utterly unmissable, incredibly awesome gap year articles should do the trick.

12 Gap Year Trip Ideas to Make 2014 the Best Yet

You've only got 365 days to make it count, less than that as the days go by. Here are a few ways you can really make 2014 stand out as an awesome one.

The Best Gap Year Destinations for 2014

We work at We know our gap years, and we know what makes a place awesome. With that in mind, here are our top destinations for next year.

25 of the Most Incredible Gap Year Experiences Ever

Our gap year community reveals the most incredible backpacking experiences a lifetime can have. Read 'em and weep backpackers...

10 Ways a Gap Year Can Improve Your Career

We know one of the biggest worries of anyone wanting a gap year is how it'll affect their future career. Honestly, whichever way you look at it'll be positively, as Anna reveals.

4 Ways to Keep Learning on Your Gap Year

You don't have to go on to further education when you leave school. Listen to UnCollege when they say this is the time to pursue your passions...

5 Reasons Why Solo Travel is Awesome

Any naysayers dissing the idea of travelling solo need to read this from bemused and then reassess. It could be the best thing you ever do!

Should I Go on a Gap Year?

You might be facing some difficult decisions right now, but have faith in the knowledge that these 5 awesome people say their gap years are the best thing they ever did.

Gap Years: You Learn a New Thing Every Day

Learning doesn't stop when you leave school y'know, it just gets a lot more fun. If you need some ammo to get negative parents off your back about your gap year, here you go...

Gap Year Destinations: The Top 10

Where do you want to go on your gap year? Struggling for ideas? That's why we’ve come up with 10 gap year destinations that you just have to see on your travels.

10 Things I'll Miss About

After two and a half years our travel editor Macca Sherifi is leaving us. Read the 10 things he'll miss about; it's time to get emotional.

15 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 15-Year-Old Self About Gap Years is 15! To celebrate I've put together 15 nuggets of advice for anyone thinking about going on a gap year. Any more you can add?

Looking Back on 15 Years of

COO Cormac Scanlan says happy 15th birthday to and indulges in a little nostalgia, looking back over the 15 year history of the website.

Is a Gap Month the new Gap Year?

Do you want to conquer the world but think you haven't got the time to do it? Think again, buddy. If you're short of time then you need to go on a Gap Month.

Super Awesome Things to Do on a Gap Year

We asked the question on the message boards "what are the things to do on a gap year?" and your response says it all. The short answer; a lot. See what you said.

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