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Going Travelling... and Never Coming Home

About five years ago, a 26 year old guy had the same idea that many of us do: quit the job, pack the bags, travel the world, fall in love and never come back. The difference is, he actually did it.

From North Korean Army Captain to Human Rights Campaigner

The journey from being a Captain in the North Korean army to a human rights campaigner: an interview with a defector from one of the secretive countries in the world. Meets Japanese TV Host and Travel Blogger La Carmina

We caught up with La Carmina to discover the inspiration behind her blog and her style, and to find out where the one place she'd recommend everyone to go is.

What Happens on Tour?

It's fair to say gapper Phil Inman has been around the block. If there's one thing he's discovered is he really likes tours. As in, he really really likes tours.

The Step by Step Project

The Step by Step Project is the brainchild of Sara Pretelli, a London based photographer, and she wants to show the world through her eyes, or at least her feet.

Gap Year Podcast: A How To Guide

When it comes to travelling and podcasting there's not much Gary Bembridge doesn't know. That's why he tells us exactly how to make a podcast.

Departures: the Best Travel Show Ever

At we're always on the lookout for inspiring people and inspiring programmes. That's why we want to tell you all about the TV show Departures.

Our Fred Takes a Mini Gap Year in Fiji

Fred went out to Fiji to sample the gap year lifestyle. He found sun, smiles and plenty of adrenalin-fuelled activities to keep him busy, as well as some Bounty Rum.

Geckos Adventures Talk Space, Iceberg Kayaking, Tourism and Dinosaurs

Our mate Spencer from Geckos Adventure Holidays reveals why you should tour with them - the tough part will be deciding on one of the 50 countries they cover.

Barging Through Asia

We thought you'd like to know all about The Harsh Barge, which is why we interviewed Tanner Ballengee & Conner Morton. Do something different on your travels.

Our Gold Coast Competition Winner

We've been chatting to Frances Roach who recently won a trip Down Under with We found out about the trip and all her favourite places.

Balancing on the Edge

Want to learn to shred the slopes? Pete Rees tells us about life balancing on the edge and gives us few tips on how to get into snowboarding as a beginner.

Finding Out About Frank

There's something about Frank Turner. He has this easy going attitude to life that makes guys want to be him and girls want to be with him. Come find out why.

Swimming 1,000 Miles down the Missouri River

In August, Dave Cornthwaite jumped into the Missouri River at South Dakota and began swimming towards Missouri. A 1,000 miles later, he completed Swim1000.

Chatting to Coda

Deep, dark bass vibrates through the ground, a tasty drum beat cuts through the cold air and a drawn out trombone note is carried on the crisp autumn breeze.

Travelling, Tunes and Bucket Lists

The One Twos ; brilliant songs and even better shows. We caught up with frontman Matt Clark to chat about two of our favourite things, music and travelling.

Tours, Triumphs and 2012

You Me At Six have had a big year in which they've managed to bag themselves a Kerrang! award (again) and saw their latest album go gold.

Gap Years and Guitars

Indian Red Lopez are just about to drop their debut album, 'Empty Your Lungs and Breathe', and embark on a National tour from Aberdeen to London.

Getting Deep and Dirty with Picnick

Picnick hasn't been on the dance scene for that long but he's already taking his parties from London to Spain. We caught up with him to see what he's in to.

Great Gap Year Advice with Milly

We've been chatting to Milly Whitehead, founder of The Leap, about some of the volunteering options abroad and she's given some great gap year advice.

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