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It’s on the Meter

10 months, 41 countries, 30,000 miles and they're still going on the meter. We caught up with Paul Archer and the boys to see what they've been up to on their gap year.

30 Years of Overlanding Awesomeness

To celebrate Dragoman's 30th anniversary, gapyear.com pays homage to their independent and adventurous spirit by finding out what makes them - and overlanding in general - so cool.

Overlanding for Beginners: A Guide by Mary Malyon

So you're longing to see a real-life lion and tread in the footsteps of Livingstone, but the funds don't quite stretch to a two-grand-a-day safari. Don't worry, there is another way - overlanding. Every year hundreds of trucks ply the African continent (and beyond) carrying groups of up to 20 overlanders on an adventure they're unlikely to forget.

Diary of an Overlander in Africa

I did my overland trip over an 11 week period from February to April 2004, travelling from Kenya through Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia before reaching South Africa and Cape Town. It was one of the most amazing periods of my life and I would recommend to anyone to take an overland tour.