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There is something intrinsically satisfying about making an epic journey. It is travel in its purest form, movement for movement’s sake. The sights along the way are important, they give the whole thing some context, but the real reward is just making it from A to B. Or A to Z, rather.

People have been making epic journeys for thousands of years and the trend is still as popular as ever, as evidenced  by all the articles in this section, which detail various adventures, whether it’s driving from London to Brighton in a tuk tuk or climbing the highest mountain in the world.

The options are simply infinite. All you have to do is find two points on a map and connect them, though obviously some parts of the world are more popular than others. Hiking the Inca Trail, for example, is always going to be more attractive than cycling through Antarctica, though admittedly the latter would be far more impressive! The world is your oyster.

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Hiking One of the World’s Most Epic Trails

Any serious hiker has heard about it. Copies of hiking books worldwide have it circled, dog-eared, and highlighted. This is widely agreed to be one of the best hikes in the world. Find out why.

An Epic Journey Cycling Around the World

Felix Starck, a 24-year-old from Germany, speaks to us about his incredible experience cycling around the world for his gap year. 18,000km, 22 countries, 365 days. Amazing.

An Unexpected Journey in Africa

This is a story about a journey from Brighton, England, to Kartong, the Gambia, via Portugal, Senegal and the Banjul River, where all that happened was a surprise...

Cycling the South Downs Way

This 100-mile trail meanders through some of the loveliest scenery in the UK, and covering it on a bike is an awesome way to spend a weekend.

The 22 Deadliest Highways in the World

If you're thinking of hiring a car on your gap year you better check none of these poo-your-pants scary roads are on your route, or bad things could happen.

Himalayas: An Intrepid Itinerary

Following a fortnight’s adventure uncovering the gems of the Himalayas, Tej Parikh outlines an alternative itinerary for the curious, cultured and intrepid backpacker

The Mongol Rally 2013

Yep, it's that time of year again; the Mongol Rally. This time we're supporting Abhishek Madhavan, one member of the 3 Idiots Abroad. Read all about their journey.

Barging Through Asia

We thought you'd like to know all about The Harsh Barge, which is why we interviewed Tanner Ballengee & Conner Morton. Do something different on your travels.

Travelling to Antarctica and Back

Lucy Grewcock has been to one of the world's least-travelled to places; Antarctica. She tells us all about her experience travelling to the end of the world.

Swimming 1,000 Miles down the Missouri River

In August, Dave Cornthwaite jumped into the Missouri River at South Dakota and began swimming towards Missouri. A 1,000 miles later, he completed Swim1000.

25 Journeys of a 1,000 Miles

Dave Cornthwaite is a bit of a legend. You’ve probably never heard of him before, but in about 10 minutes you’ll think he’s a bit of a legend too.

Who are The Adventurists?

Is gap year backpacking dull? Safe? Tom Morgan thinks so. Tom is the founder of The Adventurists, a brand that organises extreme escapades for travellers.

Cycling the World

Meet the gap year couple that cycled for 16 months across the world, covering 28,000 miles, visiting 29 countries and raising around £30,000 for charity.

Roof of the World Rally

The Roof of the World Rally is a rally like no other, mainly because you drink tea. Lots of tea. Oh, you also promote world peace... through drinking tea.

Heading to War: A Journalist in Libya

Tom Lee travelled to Libya in September 2011 during the Libyian civil war. With no training or plan, Tom launched his career as a war journalist uniquely.

It’s on the Meter

10 months, 41 countries, 30,000 miles and they're still going on the meter. We caught up with Paul Archer and the boys to see what they've been up to on their gap year.

From the Valleys to Y Wladfa

Going back to your roots has always been powerful draw for travellers. Experiencing first-hand the place your parents or grandparents came from or went to is an increasingly common part of a gap year. Welshman Graham Barrett had long heard tales of the area of Patagonia settled by Welsh emigrants so when Graham set off on a South American tour, a search for a little piece of Wales was part of the plan.

How Do You Survive the Mongol Rally?

What would possess two gap year students to travel 10,000 miles across Europe and Asia in an old Nissan Micra? Gapyear.com spoke to some Mongol Rally survivors to find out.

Running a Marathon Up Everest

By pure coincidence, myself and my VentureCo group Himalaya 22 found ourselves at Everest Base Camp three days before the Tenzing Hilllary Everest Base Camp Marathon was due to start. One of our porters had decide he wanted to enter it having run it last year and I casually asked if I could do it too, not really expecting anything to come of it.

Meet the Tukkle Brothers

Why would two men spend their holiday dashing thousands of kilometres across India's sub-standard roads in an inappropriate vehicle on a mad adventure?

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