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Becoming Tarzan: Jungle Trekking in Indonesia

What's it like trekking in the jungle with just a pair of plimsolls and no idea what you're letting yourself in for? Rebecca Root finds out, and meets a orang-utan along the way.

Into the Wild with LouPhi

Louis-Philippe isn’t one of those guys who sits at home wishing he could go out there and do something amazing; instead, he just does it. That's because he's an explorer.

Extreme gap year expedition

Jacob Davies shares his adventurous expedition from the North Pole where he carried out environmental fieldwork project, camped in -27C temperatures and confronted polar bears.

Running a Marathon Up Everest

By pure coincidence, myself and my VentureCo group Himalaya 22 found ourselves at Everest Base Camp three days before the Tenzing Hilllary Everest Base Camp Marathon was due to start. One of our porters had decide he wanted to enter it having run it last year and I casually asked if I could do it too, not really expecting anything to come of it.

Walking the Death Railway

Why did these Australian siblings walk 300km from Thailand to Burma along a POW-built railway line, and what did they find along the way?

Moving Mountains on Everest

Expedition leader Gavin Bate tells us about the dangers of sleeping at 8,000m, risking death to rescue a friend and the psychology behind reaching an iconic summit...

Trekking in Borneo

Ever wondered what a week long trek through the jungles of Borneo would be like? Wonder no more! Our intrepid gapper Kate Elliott has done it and wrote a day by day account of her trip to give you a taste of trekking, jungle-style. So sit back and enjoy the ride. It'll make you want to go out there and do it yourself.

Walking the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is undoubtedly high up on many people's "to do" lists, ranking among one of the best things to experience before you die. Alluring though it may be, it's easy to see how the conflicting mass of information on how best to go about your Inca experience can prevent people from taking up the challenge. This need not be the case.

An Introduction to Expeditions

For me an expedition is something a bit more special and conjures up a number of exciting possibilities that 'normal' travel doesn't - an expedition allows you to totally immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture or environment. It teaches you how to work in a team, overcome adversity and become self-sufficient. The best expeditions live on long after you have returned home.

Expeditions: A Guide by Richard Sheane

It's common sense that the better you are prepared for an expedition the safer and more rewarding it will be. So, in the months leading up to your departure you will probably need to get physically fit. Even if you are planning a trip at the more gentle end of the expeditioning scale, your body will still experience physical strains and challenges that it is probably not used to.

Extreme Arctic Expedition: An Interview with Yann Rashid

Yann Rashid talks about his expedition to Svalbard, near the North Pole (Europe's northernmost territory), exploring and conducting scientific research.

Race to the North Pole: An Interview with Sam Eve

Sam Eve raced to the North Pole! She was part of the first all-female team to complete the Scott Dunn Polar Challenge, a 650km race from Canada to the Magnetic North Pole! Sam's team finished sixth out of sixteen teams, which is an incredible achievement! Read our interview with her here.

Expeditions: An Interview with Benedict Allen

Benedict Allen's greatest journeys have included a five-and-a-half month trek by horse and camel from the forests of Siberia, and a 3,600 mile crossing of the Amazon Basin at its widest point, without navigation by map or compass, but with help from the Matses Indians. His latest book, The Faber Book of Exploration, is an anthology of the world's greatest explorers. Here he talks about what going on an expedition means to him.

Cycling the Length of Chile: An Interview with Jeremy Fitch

Amazing gapper Jeremy Fitch cycled the length of Chile at 54! We thought that deserved some sort of mention, so we caught up with him to find out all about the trip, from what inspired it to what his best and worst experiences were to what he thought of Chile. Read this interview to find out all about Jeremy's trip.