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Something about travelling just unleashes the crazy person in us. Probably the unbounded freedom removing inhibitions, the lack of normal routine contributing to lack of normal behaviour. Anyway, enough of the armchair psychology, all that matters is that on your gap year you’ll be much more prone to trying out extreme and adrenaline fuelled activities.

These could range between skydiving, bungee jumping, surfing, skiing, sand-boarding, snowboarding, jet-boating, white water rafting, scuba diving and more. People are remarkably inventive when it comes to finding fun ways to get the heart pumping, so before you even finished this sentence there will be some other new way to get a natural high.

The articles in this section are all about exactly those kinds of activities. Even if you can never see yourself leaping from a plane, or being swallowed by massive waves, you should have a look anyway – you may just surprise yourself when you’re actually on your gap year.