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Super sporty gappers are sure to love the opportunity to be outside and up and about on their gap year. Anyone interested in volunteering can sign up to the many sports coaching programmes around and help kids in developing countries become more confident through sport. Gap years are also a perfect time to complete those once in a lifetime achievements – scaling Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro for example.

Extreme sports lovers will of course have a field day on their gap year. Most head to New Zealand or Australia and skydive, paraglide, base jump or bungee jump off whatever they can find. Scuba diving is a hugely popular sport for gappers, and have you ever tried sand boarding in Peru? Check out Gaz Bourne’s article below for the lowdown.

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Skiing and Snowboarding in New Zealand

Skiing and snowboarding is easy in New Zealand, and whether your're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, our guide will help you plan your ultimate winter adventure.

A Guide to Different Ski Resort Jobs

Summer is officially over and there’s an autumn chill to the air. If this is the first October in your life you’re not at school or college, make the most of it and get a job in a ski resort!

Combining Surfing with Backpacking

The surfing lifestyle complements the backpacking lifestyle perfectly. The ethos of travel runs deep and surfers are some of the most well-travelled people you'll ever meet.

8 Things to Know About the 2014 Tour De France

Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali takes home the glory after winning the Tour De France 2014. Now that it's all over, we've looked back at 8 things you should know about this year's event.

My Week at a Moroccan Surf Retreat

Rebecca went to Morocco to spend a week at a surf camp. It sounds pretty awesome, and definitely a holiday with a difference! Have a read and see if you fancy it too.

A Year of Adventures in a Norway 'Folk High School'

Unlike most people, Ella didn't do the South-East Asia route, or InterRail or even work in Australia on her gap year. She went to a finishing school in Norway, check it out..

How to Survive a Ski Season

Everyone knows that ski seasons are definitely not all about the skiing. Partying and socialising are two of the main reasons it's so popular, as Joe reveals.

The Best Spots to Sail in Croatia

Unable to afford the Maldives on her student budget, Samantha went sailing in Croatia to see how the islands there could satisfy her captain of the ship cravings.

6 Reasons Why Paddle Boarding is Awesome

Our competition finalist Sean Barry gave paddleboarding a go while he was in the Gold Coast and has now become one of the sport's biggest advocates - here's why...

Snorkelling with Turtles on the Gold Coast

Ellis thought she was going snorkelling with turtles with the Watersports Guru. Turns out a whole host of other creatures decided to join them in the water.

Between Matches at Brazil World Cup

Brazil is the place to be this summer with the World Cup due to begin on the 12th June, but what is there to do when the ball stops rolling?

Girls' Guide to Surfing

Rebecca Root offers up her tips on how not to look stupid trying surfing for the first time, half the gap year team could've done with this guide a while back.

Top Ten Reasons to Hit the Slopes on Your Gap Year

Working the slopes on your gap year is a great way to spend your time no matter how long you're out there for, here's Francesca to break down exactly why...

The Perfect Way to Start the Day

What do you think is the perfect way to start the day? Whatever it is, forget it. Macca Sherifi thinks he's found it in stand up paddle boarding. We're sold.

8 Gnarliest Surf Spots in Great Britain

It's not only the likes of Australia and California that can boast top surfing spots y'know. Don your wetsuit and check out the breaks Britain has to offer.

Balancing on the Edge

Want to learn to shred the slopes? Pete Rees tells us about life balancing on the edge and gives us few tips on how to get into snowboarding as a beginner.

Skiing in Argentina

Lulu took a BASI ski instructor course with Peak Leaders in Argentina and it was one of the best experiences in life. Here she explains why...

Running a Marathon Up Everest

By pure coincidence, myself and my VentureCo group Himalaya 22 found ourselves at Everest Base Camp three days before the Tenzing Hilllary Everest Base Camp Marathon was due to start. One of our porters had decide he wanted to enter it having run it last year and I casually asked if I could do it too, not really expecting anything to come of it.

Sports Coaching in Ghana

There are so many life-changing experiences available for gappers that I had great fun researching options for my gap year. I wanted not only to travel, but to adapt and live in a totally different culture. Having always played sports, I thought the football coaching placement in Ghana organised by Sporting Opportunities sounded different and amazing.

Scuba Diving on a Gap Year

Scuba diving is as close as most of us will get to being in an alien environment. Swimming next to a sea turtle, 20 meters under the surface of the sea, breathing comfortably, can certainly be quite a bizarre experience! With a bit of guidance however, all should be able to savour this unique experience.

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