JAPANESE B Encephalitis Jab

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JAPANESE B Encephalitis Jab

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Do i NEED to get it or not?

I went to my doctors last week and they said Jap B and Rabies jabs are optional but ive had mixed views. some people are getting it that I know BUT then a girl whos already out there says shes met no backpacker whos actually had the jab and at the price of £150, i would rather avoid it if its safe to.

This site says its mainly in S E Asia between May and September.

Has anyone else not had it done? Is it pointless? we are going for 2 and half months round SE aAsia until 19th December.


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I dont no if it is worth it or not, but i think id rather be safe than sorry and just get it done, regardless of the price. They have it for a reason, not just to make cash.
Its your choice though, id defo get the rabies jab. 
But i know there are some bad side affects from both jabs.

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yeah ive heard that, its not really a money issue, its more that not many people over there who are backpacking like us, have had it done. plus i guess id rather save the £150 if its unecessary. No ones had the rabies jab ive spoken to, thats £150 too :-(

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I’ve had niether and I’m leaving in a week. I’ve read about the risks and I’ve decided not to bother. The main reason was money really, both would cost around £200 which is a lot of cash if the risks are very low, which I believe they are.

Saying that though you are taking a chance with your health so I’d certianly think about it and if money isn’t an option I’d get it done to be on the safe side.

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The can get rabies from http://www.1stcontact.com/live/index.php?Category_ID=14 for £17.50 each.

I didn’t bother with Jap B, the potential side effects and cost outweighed the possibility of actually getting it.

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I dunno its annoying :-( cant get down to that London clinic, im up in northwest unfortunately, my mums a nurse so she can give it to me lol

BUT i need to get the actual vaccine for her to do it, not sure where i can get that stuff from. ha ha

Im getting that 100% deet repellant, supposed to be really good anyone else bought any? its from Lifesystems website.

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The Lifesystems DEET is amazing; normally I’m a mozzie’s favourite meal, but with that stuff I’m untouched (just keep it away from synthetics).

As for Jap Enc, the risk is very very low from what I can tell and personally I wouldn’t bother unless I planned to live out there, but I’m not a medical professional so don’t listen to me too much.

Rabies is good for long term travel I’d say, especially if it includes remoter regions - its one thing minimising the risk, but if you’re unlucky and in the path of a manic rabid dog there’s not much you can do so I’d probably get it.

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Ive got both, its not really worth the risk and at the end of the day you cant put a price on your health. I didnt have any side effects from either jab other than a sore arm for a day.

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I got both, luckily the rents helped me out so the $ cost wasnt as bad as what it could’ve been.

And personally I felt pretty unwell a day after the jabs- almost like having a hangover. but the following day i felt fineeee.

i agree with the chap above, if money isnt too much of a problem- go for it!

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ring around different clinics in ur area and local gp surgeries, prices vary alot! i paid £100 but im in wales!
apparently 4-7% of dogs in thailand have rabies, and as it can b fatal i figured its not worth the risk, u can get it from saliva not just being bitten! its still pretty expensive when ur working on a budget!
DEET is brill stuff, but not good on sensitive skin, i havent been bitten at all using it!

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Ive had both of them cost me nearly £350 but i thinks its because she scared me saying i could be paralysed if i got bitten by a mosquito! :-(

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I wouldnt bother with rabies, it wont stop you having to go to a hospital for treatment just gives you an extra 24 hours on top of 24 hours you have. So if your sticking to cities and populated places you should be ok. Only if your gonna be out in the sticks do you need it really or working with animals.

Jap Enc, the nurse didn’t bother telling me about that, where are going anyway?

The only jab I had this time round was Heb B.

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We’re going Malaysia KL, then up to Bangkok then chiang mai to start travelling round cambodia, laos vietnam, then south thailand and the islands.

We will be there approx 3 months, its just that my friend whos been in thailand since may said she’s not met anyone else yet(backpacking) who has 00 would really help me out if its unecessary… Plus on that site does say mainly between May and September but then again like Darren said

Ive got both, its not really worth the risk and at the end of the day you cant put a price on your health.


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I had Jap B done (£160) as I am in s. asia over 4 weeks and will be travelling round. There aren’t that many cases of it but still not worth the risk.

I didn’t get rabies as the requirement is if you are over 24 hours away from medical attention. I can’t imagine I am going to get that far away from civillisation.

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Do i NEED to get it or not?

Yes, your head will explode like a landmine otherwise.


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I had Jap E last time i went on a RTW 3 yrs ago but think that a lot of travellers avoid it due to the risks attached. I’ve now heard that they have developed a new jab (only 2 doses rather than 3) which is said to be a lot safer (less side effects) and so i think more and more people will be advised to get it. Not sure how readily available it is tho.
(Note- I’m no expert tho, just been doing a bit of research)

I’m off again in Nov and think i’m going to get the jab again. As has been said a million times, better safe than sorry. Same applies for rabies. Also, having an extra 24 hrs means that you can get to a high quality hospital rather than just the local one (just because you’re in a city doesnt mean they’ll have private hospitals). Personlly, this is worth paying the £80ish for.

Also worth bearing in mind is that if you are advised to get something and then choose not too, most insurance policies will not cover you if you then fall ill due to the fact you went against medical advice.