Getting from Malta to Beirut


Getting from Malta to Beirut

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I’m currently studying abroad in Malta and was thinking about taking a trip to Beirut to visit family with a friend. We are having a little trouble figuring out how to get there. My friend was looking at flights and said that we would have to fly to Madrid then from Madrid to Morocco and then finally to Lebanon. Any advice?

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Another alternative is Malta International to Cyprus LARNACA not Paphos, the Larnaca to Beruit, slightly less planes, for you to take.

I found that on so the route is available although you may get a better price with another company, I used them to just see if route was possible, you have to go to Larnaca, else it will be Malta - Paphos - Larnaca - Beruit, the Paphos Larnaca bit costing about €200 by taxi, they are not kind in Cyprus with taxi fares at all, even though it would be a very nice Mercedes :D :D

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If beiruit route is expensive maybe look at flying into Damascus (visa needed) or Even Amman, no visa needed for Jordan but again one needed for crossing Syria to Lebanon