Solo female travel in Vietnam....go it alone vs book a group tour

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Solo female travel in Vietnam….go it alone vs book a group tour

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Hi there, I’m hoping for some guidance for travel around Vietnam alone…..this is my first trip going it alone to any country, flights are booked for March and was meant to be going with a friend but he has had a change of heart….so do I go it alone now, or book a tour??  I found a trip with STA travel…Roam Vietnam £549 for a 12 day trip…my only concern is it seems to be continually on the go and never really spending much time in any one place…I would have liked to have taken it at my own pace, but I’m just concerned that A   is it safe for female travellers on their own and B I’m quite shy so I’m worried I may not meet anyone.  Or may not stumble across any other solo travelers…sounds mental I know, but my experience in Thailand was everyone seemed to be in 2’s or couples.

Any advice would be great!  If there’s any females out there who have done it alone please pass on any suggestions and experiences!


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I did Vietnam on my own. It was great. I just booked a few one day and two day trips to a few places such as Halong Bay.

I felt perfectly safe and enjoyed having some ‘me’ time. Plus met loads of people on the Halong Bay trip.

Found that the travellers were more in my age range - late 20s and 30s - and a mixture of couples and people on their own.

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Go it alone - I found Vietnam one of the easier places to meet other people on their own when I was in SE Asia. I would suggest starting in Hanoi as I met a lot of people at Hanoi backpackers hostel and on the halong bay trip I arranged from there - you will find a lot of people start at the top and work their way down so you end up bumping into the same people time and time again.

You want to be able to take your time to explore in some places - I spent over a week in Hoi An when I’d only planned on spending 3 nights there - and going on your own will not only be cheaper but will give you the time to see places properly.

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Thanks Ladies.  Did either of you travel by rail?  As that’s how I was planning to get around, did you find that quite safe aslo and easy enough to book when there?  I did overnight rail in Thailand and felt perfectly fine then, but did that with my boyfriend at the time. 

Emmz my flight is booked with Air Asia to arrive into Ho Chi Minh, do you think it would be better to add on a flight from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi in the same day that i land Ho Chi Minh, so that I can then start from Hanoi?


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Hi Jenny,

I am not sure it really matters if you go South to North, or North to South.
I am planning a quick train ride from North to South, then for us, the holiday begins.
South to North, simply because I am looking for some warm weather now.