Volunteering with Sloths


Volunteering with Sloths

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Does anyone have any places for volunteering with sloths???
I love these animals and have become a bit obsessed of late and really want to volunteer somewhere.
The only place i can find is the centre in costa rica which looks great but is so expensive!
I dont mind paying towards volunteering but as i have volunteered in the past many times and pay around $100 a week maybe slightly more, they charge $80 a day which i think is rather alot.

I heard about a centre in guatemala but i cant find any info about it.
Any help much apprieciated smile

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Wow sounds interesting and very unique. What would you do with them? Don’t they sleep all day?

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well the centre in costa rica, rescues and rehabilitates them back to the wild, usually i believe either orphaned or from the illegal pet trade.

They feed and provide suitable environment until they can be released, same as most other rescue centres though i think they have a fair few babies to hand rear.

They do sleep alot but not all day and the young require regular feeding, but as i havnt found anywhere to volunteer i dont know all the ins and outs.

Just wondering if anyone else has done it and could tell me where to go smile

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Here is a link to a sloth project in Costa Rica though unfortunately they are not currently accepting any more volunteers.


Its website is a good place to start your sloth research though.

Frontier is looking to set up its own sloth project in the future but in the meantime you can view our Costa Rica Big Cats, Primates and Turtles conservation projects. The project would give you the opportunity to work with a wider range of animals, whilst still being able to use your spare time to explore the region for sloths.



Frontier was established in 1989 as a non-profit conservation and development non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem integrity. Today, they run over 300 gap year projects worldwide, in areas such as community development, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, humanitarian, research and conservation projects.





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