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Don’t want to travel alone? Then find a travel mate here! Thousands of site users are about to head off on their round the world trip or are travelling right now as we speak. was created to give you not only the best travel advice on the net but for you to make friends. Really good friends.

No longer do you have to sit alone in a bar in Thailand, wishing you had the courage to go up and speak to a stranger. No! For we’re the social media generation and we’re never far from a click of a button or a status update.

Why Look for a Travel Mate?

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Travelling with a buddy can be safer, easier and funner

You can use the site to find someone before you head off, meet people at your first destination and even meet people during your travels.

The message boards are a great source of information, we all know that, but they’re also a great place to meet people. You can make some real friends for life on - who knows who you’ll meet!

So jump onto the boards, tell us where you’re going, and see if you can meet a travel mate...

Travel Mate Advice

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A Guide to Meeting People on Your Travels

by Tom Griffiths

It's great to look for travel mates before you go, but if you've already jetted off without a travel bud, don't worry! Meeting people as a backpacker is easy. Here's a guide on meeting other travellers wherever you go. 

Hostel Advice Guides - Hostel Guide Featured Image

Staying in hostels is one of the best things about backpacking. However, we understand that your first time in a hostel can be quite a daunting experience, so we’ve put together a guide, a first timers guide to hostels, to help allay those fears. So read, enjoy, and learn all about hostels...