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Australia on a gap year is a must! Australia is a big, beautiful country with vast, expansive spaces and not a lot of people. Gap year options in Australia are very varied, putting a visit to Australia on a gap year high on many backpacker bucket lists. Australia is a flat, arid land, with peculiar rock formations and a strange, dangerous wildlife. The Outback stretches for mile after mile, baking under blue skies and a bright sun.

For many backpacking in Australia conjures up images of an idyllic lifestyle of sun and sand, outdoor activities and lazy days. A sunny climate gives Australians an easy-going attitude to life that makes it particularly appealing to all, especially for those backpacking on a gap year and Europeans who want to escape the cold and rain. Beach culture reigns with the majority of inhabitants living along the coast in vibrant, youthful cities.

Almost all round the world flights feature a stop in Australia, making it almost  synonymous with gap year backpacking. Whether you are looking for a gap year job, a Red Centre tour, some Gold Coast backpacking, Australia on a gap year pretty much has it all.

Australia - Your Guide to Adventure

Australia - Your Guide to Adventure Featured Image

If you're looking for adventure then look no further than Australia. It's got everything from mountain climbing to white-water rafting, from surfing to skiing, so jump in at the deep end and read Tourism Australia's guide to adventure; you won't be disappointed.

Backpacking in Australia

Backpacking in Australia Featured Image

Backpacking in Australia is an amazing way to see the country. Australia is the most popular country for backpacking and not without good reason. With such a wide range of things to do, backpacking on a gap year in Australia is easy. For a quick introduction to gap year travel in Oz, check out our Backpacking in Australia section.

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The Gold Coast

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In just fifty years the Gold Coast has grown from a small beachside holiday destination to one of Australia’s most visited sections of coastline, but there is more to it than just sandy beaches. Gold Coast backpacking is a great way to see what it really has to offer...

Backpackers Guide

Gold Coast Backpackers Guide Featured Image

If you're heading to the Gold Coast you're going to want to know what to see and do.

What you need is our Gold Coast Backpackers Guide - it has everything you need to know from accommodation, to nightlife, to events. Whatever's going on in the Gold Coast, we've got it here, so make sure you give it a read...


Queensland Featured Image

Queensland is one of the most popular states in Australia and it's not hard to understand why. There's so much to see and do - you can chillout in Cairns, dive the Great Barrier Reef, hike in Daintree National Park, explore Fraser Island, and white-water raft the Tully River. You can do all of these and more in Queensland.

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"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money."

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