Gap Years and Backpacking in Cambodia

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Cambodia is a charming and mystifying gap year experience. This country in South East Asia has a dark but fascinating history, enduring a colonial past and a brutal civil war.

But Cambodia has survived and flourished, and is now becoming increasingly popular as backpackers are drawn to its incredible temples and beautiful beaches; it's a nation rich in culture and history, with an incredible story for anyone who is willing to listen. With much of the population living on as little as US$1 a day, it's also a great value travel destination.

The main draws for travellers are the chaotic, colourful capital Phnom Penh; increasingly popular beach destination Sihanoukville; but most importantly Siem Reap and its incredible temples - Angkor Wat being the most spectacular temple, harnessing spirituality and history.

Cambodia is a beautiful and rewarding travelling destination, and brilliant as a single stop or multi-country trip.

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