Gap Years and Backpacking in China

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A gap year in China is an awesome idea; the country is packed full of backpacker must-see landmarks like Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China.

China is home to the world's largest population, and its mind-boggling landscapes range from the wide open, empty tundra of Tibet to the hustle and bustle of Shanghai's streets; from' beer by the bag' in seaside Quingdao to the volcanic craters of Sichuan.

There are huge variations in culture, language, economic levels and customs in China. Even though most major cities are very wealthy and modern, over half the population continue to live in rural areas and still farm with draft animals and use manual labour.

The culture and lifestyle in China is so diverse it's possible to experience just about anything in this country of contrasts. It is for this reason China is one of the most fascinating gap year and backpacking destinations in the world.

Map of China