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from £1,335

The Walkabout

Countries: United States of America, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai

Headed round the world on your gap year? Then this one is for you. Visit Malaysia, Australia and America with this amazing flight deal.

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from £2,999

World Explorer

Countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Brazil

Covering a bit of everywhere on the gap year trail, these flights will take you to South America, New Zealand, Australia, a stop in Japan and finally overland between Singapore and Bangkok.

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from £2,139

The Ultimate Diving Gap Year

Countries: Mexico, Costa Rica, United States of America, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand

Would you prefer to spend more time underwater than on land if you could? Sounds like you might scuba dive if that’s the case, so we put together this ideal set of flights just for you!

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from £589

Ultimate South East Asia

Countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

These flights will set you up perfectly to explore South East Asia. Fly into Vietnam, explore overland, then hop over to Thailand before returning from Singapore.

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