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from £1,459

Wonders of India and Nepal

Duration: from 29 days
Countries: Nepal, India

From Delhi to Kathmandu, this tour explores northern India including the Taj Mahal, Jaipur and Jaisalmer and Nepal including Chitwan National Park where you can see elephants and tigers.

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There's Nothing Sub About This Continent

Duration: from 14 days
Countries: India, Nepal

Once you hit Jaipur you’ll be sharing the sidewalk with kids, cows, rickshaws, chai wallaws, street food vendors, stray dogs and about 3.1 million other people. Watch your step.

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from £790

A'int No Mountain High Enough

Duration: from 19 days
Countries: Nepal, India

To punish himself for falling asleep while meditating, Buddha cut off his eyelids, which then grew into the tea plant, because tea will keep you from falling asleep. We love a good Buddha legend.

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