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Backpacking in New Zealand, which is located in the region of Oceania, is epic. It’s a top place to go either on a round the world gap year or a standalone destination in its own right.

Gap year travellers often treat New Zealand like a giant theme-park, hopping from place to place and cramming in as many adventure activities as possible in a short space of time. If you want to bungee jump, climb, kayak, raft, skydive or zorb, then New Zealand has it all.

New Zealand is famous for its natural beauty: snowcapped glaciers and jagged mountains; crystal clear lakes feeding into raging rivers; bright beaches and warm seas. Throw in a bubbling-pot of volcanic activity and you get some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. Lord of the Rings was filmed here for a reason!

What are you waiting for? Get the adrenaline pumping and make it happen...

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Kiwi Flyer

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With its eye-popping scenery and endless opportunity for adventure, New Zealand is one of the best countries in Oceania - and indeed the world - to take a tour. This is a fully Westernised country, meaning it's very easy to travel independently, but on a tour you'll be sharing the awesome experience with others, and making friends for life along the way.

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New Zealand Encompassed

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Advice and Articles

Many a backpacker has ventured to New Zealand and returned with epic tales and invaluable advice, and we have a very large portion on this site. Have a look at the articles below for tips and information, and if there is a question which hasn't been answered just hop onto the message boards and fire it out there.

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