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An Introduction to New Zealand
Discover what makes New Zealand so special
Getting Around
What's the best way of getting around New Zealand?
10 Adventure Activities
10 Adventure Activities
See New Zealand's Stunning Scenery
Andonis Sakatis shows us just how beautiful New Zealand really is
The Top Sites in New Zealand
Explore all of the top sites in both the North Island and the South Island
Heading to New Zealand on your Gap Year?
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Backpacking in New Zealand is epic. It’s a top place to go either on a round the world gap year or a standalone destination in its own right.

Gap year travellers often treat New Zealand like a giant theme-park, hopping from place to place and cramming in as many adventure activities as possible in a short space of time. If you want to bungee jump, climb, kayak, raft, skydive or zorb, then New Zealand has it all.

New Zealand is famous for its natural beauty: snowcapped glaciers and jagged mountains; crystal clear lakes feeding into raging rivers; bright beaches and warm seas. Throw in a bubbling-pot of volcanic activity and you get some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. Lord of the Rings was filmed here for a reason!

What are you waiting for? Get the adrenaline pumping and make it happen...

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A Guide to New Zealand

The best thing about New Zealand is that, despite the sheer number of attractions, sights and activities on offer, it's still a very small country; there's less than five million residents in total!

This guide is absolutely stuffed with useful information about visiting New Zealand. If you're heading to New Zealand then make sure you give it a read.

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Country Expert

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Nikki Smith

Nikki is our country expert for New Zealand. It's safe to say that she loves the country and everything about it, hence why she lived in a caravan for so long (you'd better ask her)...

Nikki has travelled around the world and her favourite place is still New Zealand. It most be something in the water; it's definitely something in the food (apparently veggie heaven - read her guide all about it).

If you have any questions about Nz then you had better ask Nikki... go on...