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Peru is a classic South American gap year getaway. It's big, bright and colourful, and stretches from the lush, steamy rainforests in the east to the bare, arid deserts of the west.

The country is most famous for Machu Picchu and the Incas. Immersing yourself in Inca ruins and history is very cool, but Peru also has the iconic Nazca Lines and floating islands of Lake Titicaca to seek out and enjoy. Away from historical fun, Peru's capital Lima is great for partying, and Cusco and Arequipa have great traditional delights to offer as well.

Peruvians tend to be quiet and reserved, but friendly. The population is split between those of Spanish descent, and those descending from the indigenous Andes culture who speak Aymara and Quechua as a first language.

Peru is a fascinating and beautiful country to travel, and a brilliant place to volunteer.  When it comes to taking a gap year in South America, it should be at the very top of your places to consider.

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Machu Picchu and Inca Trail

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