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Gap years and backpacking in the USA is an adventure on every level. The USA is huge and has the world's third largest population with more than 300 million people. That's makes it a pretty big country in anyone's books! And it’s the people that make it so much fun.

There is something in the US for everyone - buzzing cities, wide-open spaces, every kind of beach, endless opportunities for adventure and much much more. Often it gets overlooked as a gap year destination but you could easily spend months travelling around the country and still not see everything! One of the world's great road trips is driving from coast to coast, from New York to San Francisco, and it's a popular route to take.

Sure, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood gives you impressions of the American lifestyle, but to truly appreciate the diversity, you must go and see if for yourself. We guarantee you will come across surprises throughout your journey making the USA a great addition to any gap year!

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Massachusetts is small in terms of size for the United States of America, and yet it still packs a big punch. It's a bit of a dream for backpackers and travellers, and that's because there's so much to see and do.

Located in the heart of New England, about four hours north of New York City, Massachusetts offers urban nightlife, winding country roads, authentic seaside villages, and vast beaches with rolling sand dunes.