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Gap Year Features

Gap Year Features are your inspiring and insightful stories on gap years, backpacking and travelling. They come in the forms of interviews with celebs (more the travel celebs than the David Beckham's), Q+A sessions with members, and first-hand accounts of backpackers and travellers. In short, Gap Year Features is one of the coolest sections of the site.

If you think you've got what it takes to write a feature for us then send us an email at You're the ones out there living life to the full, you're the ones with the stories to tell, and you're the ones we want to hear from! Who knows, maybe you'll be the next rising star in our Gap Year Features!

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Prison Break: Volunteering in a Thai Women’s Jail

After a chance meeting with a friend Sarah ended up teaching English to the women of Chiang Mai behind bars. And the women were nothing like you'd imagine.

Redesigning and Rebranding just got a major redesign and rebrand. Cormac takes us through the behind the scenes journey, and provides insight into the exciting new developments.

Jet Boating on the Gold Coast

Visiting the Gold Coast, Australia? Lucky you. You'll be spoilt for choice when figuring out what to do, but an absolute unmissable activity is jet boating. This is why...

Things to Do in Chiang Mai: the Jewel in Northern Thailand’s Crown

Venture away from the bustle of Bangkok, and the lure of the beaches in the south and you can find culture and excitement in Thailand's northern city of Chiang Mai.

A Sweat Lodge Ceremony with the Navajo Nation

Stephanie attended a traditional Navajo ceremony believed to cleanse her and help her journey back to the first state of life - where Navajos believe we grow from again.

Snorkelling with Turtles on the Gold Coast

Ellis thought she was going snorkelling with turtles with the Watersports Guru. Turns out a whole host of other creatures decided to join them in the water.

Strangely Erotic Photos of Antelope Canyon

John went to photograph the beautiful Antelope Canyon but, call us dirty-minded, we couldn't help but see a few rude outlines and shapes in his pics. Or is it just us?

Celebrating 27 Years of Tucan Travel: The Adventure Travel Backpacker Specialist

Matt has been with Tucan Travel since 1997 and in that time of working on tours around South America has seen more than many could hope to in a lifetime.

Win a Three-Week Trip Across New Zealand

Fancy winning an awesome Stray Travel trip across New Zealand? Simply blog about your biggest adventure and you could be the chosen one!

From North Korean Army Captain to Human Rights Campaigner

The journey from being a Captain in the North Korean army to a human rights campaigner: an interview with a defector from one of the secretive countries in the world.

Caving, Abseiling and Black Water Rafting in New Zealand

The Waitomo Caves in New Zealand are filled with glowworms, action, adventure, and for a few hours every day, crazy backpackers traversing the terrain and climbing waterfalls.

Mesmerising Marrakech: A Photo Essay

A master class in showing how finding the fine detail of a destination can bring it blazing to life so much more effectively than snapping the more obvious touristy sites.

The Most Inspiring Movie Travel Quotes on Cute Photos of Sleepy Koalas

Everyone loves an inspiring movie travel quote, same goes for a cute picture of a sleeping koala. So what happens when you mix the two? Only one way to find out!

Pilot Produces Phenomenal Photos

These unbelievably stunning photos are the work of Karim Nafatni, a commercial airline pilot based in Dubai. Many shots are taken from the cockpit itself.

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Page 1 of 13 pages (256 results)