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Working Abroad

Getting a job abroad is the best way to keep you travelling for longer, or in some cases at all. You’re basically getting paid to travel; that’s the dream right?

There are plenty of jobs overseas to choose from here in the jobs section. Whether you want to work abroad fruit picking in Australia, as a sky-diving instructor in New Zealand, or teaching English as a foreign language in South Korea, we’ve got opportunities for all, and every trade in between. There are plenty of ways to make money on your gap year.

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Working abroad on your gap year gives you the rare opportunity to really live as a local and experience life as they do, if only for a short while. You’ll get roots, make friends, and in the future get to talk about ‘that time you worked on the volcanoes in Hawaii’ or similarly impressive. Overseas employment is your chance to get to know a destination inside out and create a solid base somewhere other than home.

Working abroad is also a great way to gain international work experience – you may be entrusted with things you never would at home – help your savings go further and gain new skills in tasks you never thought little old you would be capable of. So take a look at the opportunities abroad now!  

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Where to Work

Where Can I Work Abroad?

Where you can get a job on your gap year depends on where you come from. The restrictions are different in every country and you will need to talk to the corresponding visa office to check your eligibility for any particular country. Generally speaking the relationship between the UK and Oz is very good and the UK and the USA, so long as you have a sponsor (don’t worry, we know someone who can help you out with that, legit).

Work in Queenstown

Different countries offer different prospects in the job market, so make the most of the unique opportunities in your chosen destination and try to get something you’d never do at home. Something outside and in the sun maybe?  

The most popular work abroad destinations for Brits are Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe in general. Europe is easier when it comes to the visa, as you can work anywhere within the European Union, but it’s more difficult when it comes to the language barrier. Perfect of course for anyone wanting to learn a new language though, or someone who just enjoys the feeling of not knowing what the hell is going on around them.

Work in Europe

Anyone between the ages of 18-30 can apply for a working holiday visa for Australasia, and the same goes for Canada. More than 10,000 Brits a year are granted a working holiday visa for Australia and New Zealand, making it the most popular partnership around, you can even book them here on our visa engine!


Working on Your Year Abroad

Getting a job and working on your gap year can see intimidating, but honestly, it isn't. There are good reasons that it's one of the most common things to do on a gap year and the reason that we've got a ton of products on the site that will get you set up with a job, pretty much, anywhere in the world. Whether you want to intern in high fashion in South America, want to work in a pub in the UK, teach English in China and anything in between, we can help.

Teach English Abroad

That's just the actual work part of it though. We know that you're going to have a lot of questions about the best things to do, how to go about getting a job, where to find the right one for you and many, many more. So, it's a good job we've also got advice from a load of people right here in this section answering all your questions.

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Post-Gap Year Careers

You can also keep an eye on our message boards to chat to past, present and future gappers full of advice about the jobs they did on their gap years. 

Teach English Abroad

Of course, we can help with finding you a job while you’re abroad too. When you’re settled and you’ve found somewhere you want to stay for a while, you can browse through our overseas jobs listings and find the perfect one for you. At this point you’ll be much better informed as to where you’d be best to go and what you want to do there.

If you've still not decided what you want to do on your gap year, hopefully this section will have helped you make that decision, but it's not guaranteed, you'll want to look at the rest of our jobs articles for more answers!

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