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Internship & Volunteering in Tanzania

from £1,877
Duration: from 6 weeks to 10 weeks
Countries: Tanzania
Combine an internship in teaching, care, media, business or law in the safari capital of Arusha. Perfectly placed to add 4 weeks of volunteering at the Indian Ocean Coast.

Internship & Volunteering in Tanzania

Fantastic and unique opportunities to combine a 6 week internship in the safari capital of Arusha, with a further 4 weeks of volunteering in conservation, community and eco-tourism based at the Indian Ocean coast in Dar es Salaam.  

2 different locations - lots of projects and challenges to get your teath stuck into.

Intern phase:
All the internships are based in Arusha for 6 weeks.  Travel out and live with other leap interns but head off independently during the day.  This provides great team spirit and friends to travel with on your time off.

Teaching Intern
Teach both inside and outside the classroom.  We work with different types of schools offering different challenges - private, government, rurual or in Arusha itself - primary to secondary, covering all different subjects, sports and extra curricular activities.  Choose to work as an assistant or main teacher - the level of responsiblity will depend on your confidence and experience. But don't panic we provide teaching guides and can reccomend TEFL courses to ease your way!

Media Intern
Internships available in publishing and broadcasting.  In both cases you'll be needed to help with research,  editing, accessing advertising revenue, photography and with general program/publication development and design.

Law Intern
We work with 2 well respected, small, law firms who specialise in human rights and general law. You'll be able to assist with research for ongoing cases, help with briefs, attend court, research and much more depending on your interests and dedication when on the ground.  

Care Intern
There are a huge number of vulnerable adults and children who are orphaned, disabled, in need of care and attention all over the world.  We can't help them all but we can change the lives of a few. We work with several care homes who depend on the help of volunteers like yourself.  Work can vary from general care: washing, cooking; to teaching basic educational skills: reading and writing; to entertaining: sport, art, dance - no skills necceassary apart from a big heart and big imagination!

Unique opportunities to work with travel/tour operators in the safari capital of Arusha, Tanzania.  Enter the world of detailed itinerary planning, problem solving and client management!  Acting as a ground handler has its perks and hopefully you wil be sent on a few “fam” trips to see first hand the delights of this amazing country - the Serengeti, the Ngorogoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Zanzibar Island and  Mount Kili.

+ Volunteer Phase:
We highly recommend you stay on for another 4 weeks to get stuck into a contrasting phase of volunteering based at Dar es Salaam on the stunning Indian Ocean coast.

In this second phase you'll travel with the other interns who are staying on to tackle together life changing community and conservation projects, enabling you to make a real impact on local people and leave a lasting legacy to be proud of:

Community Projects:
Teach English at the St Felister, St Rafael and Neema primary schools, based in the city, 20 minutes away from your house (in good traffic!) and in return they’ll teach you their traditional dances!

Work at the Makumbusho village in Dar es Salaam and learn about the tribes of Tanzania. This village is located about five Kilometres from the City Centre. Work with the craftsmen, take part in traditional dances, help with the general upkeep of the village museum, assist with the restoration of traditional houses and other tribal artefacts.

Conservation Projects:
Work with the Roots and Shoots club - assisting groups of local volunteers to organise the planting of mangroves along the beaches, helping to prevent soil erosion. The famous British conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall founded this project. Whilst working with Roots and Shoots you'll meet students from schools around Dar es Salaam and help with their environmental education.

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