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Nursing Jobs Abroad

Looking for nursing jobs abroad is easy and can really help the bank balance! With the average salary of a nurse in Australia around £40,000 a year, you could easily earn enough money to fund more travels!

Many of our ‘gappers’ have said that taking part in nursing jobs abroad really helped them increase their confidence and developed their professional growth. You could look for a nursing role in developed countries such as Australia and New Zealand or give a helping hand to countries struggling with their healthcare systems such as Cambodia, Zambia and Mexico, amongst others. Nursing abroad could educate you on a whole range of techniques to deal with sicknesses not commonly found at home such as leprosy, malaria and HIV. In turn, you might even teach the locals the thing or two or help them with their English language skills by engaging in conversation.

Universities often look favourably towards students who take part in nursing jobs abroad on their gap year as it demonstrates dedication and a real drive to enter the industry. Check out our product listings if this is something that interests you.

from £1,095

Medical Work Experience Internships in Zambia

Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 weeks
Countries: Zambia

Gain valuable work experience in a rural clinic and its attached orphanage on this excellent placement. Here you’ll work in a clinic that sees over 1,200 outpatients per month.

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from £2,450

Medical Placements with the Red Cross

Duration: from 6 months
Countries: Japan

Our Medical volunteers in Japan usually work in busy Red Cross hospitals, getting to observe the everything from nursing to brain surgery, while living in a beautiful and fascinating country.

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from $3,480 USD

Exciting Medical Electives!

Duration: from 1 month to 6 months
Countries: Colombia

We offer medical electives in a major hospital in Colombia, that contains a range of doctors who are fluent in English, enabling us to offer electives with only a basic Spanish requirement.

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