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Ben Balla-Muir

Ben Balla-Muir

Sussex, England

Currently travelling


China, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America

Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Laos, New Zealand, Peru, Thailand, United States of America, Vietnam

I'm going to be taking a gap year post A-level exams from this September onwards. I've got all sorts of combinations of travel plans swimming around in my head but I've narrowed (I use the word 'narrowed' lightly of course...) to: South East Asia (and Australasia if possible), South America, and the USA; alongside getting a TEFL teaching placement for a couple of months. Lots to do and I have got some idea in my mind but it's now a case of working it all out

Going on a college trip to Beijing, and alongside a couple of the lads getting ourselves a full body Chinese massage; then getting back to the hotel and convincing the teacher leading the trip that this had included the infamous "happy ending"

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