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Gap Year News is your up-to-date news on gap years, backpacking and travelling. Basically, it's anything travel related that we think is fun to read! Whatever happens in the world, we've got it covered.

Sometimes the Gap Year News is useful information, like visa updates or FCO travel advice, and sometimes the Gap Year News is not so useful, like celebrity gossip or a sexy story. However, the news is always written with you in mind, so make sure you keen on coming back to to see the latest news and travel information.

As we write the Gap Year News for you, we like you to get involved too. You can comment on each story and click-through to relevant sections of the site, so start reading and get stuck in!

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George Harrison tree killed by beetles

A memorial tree planted for former Beatle George Harrison in Los Angeles has been killed by beetles, becoming the latest in a long line to succumb to an ironic death.

40 tourist scams to avoid this summer

Most travellers end up learning how to avoid scams on their gap year the hard way, but you can give yourself a head start with this infographic which shows 40 common rip-offs.

Rave of Thrones: Hodor to DJ in Oz

Game of Thrones actor, Kristian Nairn, also known as Hodor, has announced a Game of Thrones DJ tour around Australia this summer. Lets hope Cersei loses her invite in the post.

Father claims land so daughter can be 'real princess'

Some dads will go to end of the earth for their children. And others will travel to East Africa to conquer land because they promised to make their daughter a real princess.

Electrics must be charged before flying

Under new airport regulations, passengers will now be expected to turn on their electrical devices before being allowed to board the plane or face having to leave it behind.

Another airport, another viral video

Equipped with a camera, YouTube channel and basic editing skills, these two boys from the US show every traveller how to make the most of a missed flight and an empty airport.

Jedward (almost) lost at sea

Jedward had to be rescued by the coastguard yesterday after becoming stranded on a sand bank in Dublin. At least Tom Hanks managed to get stranded in the tropical South Pacific.

Philadelphia's 'Rocky steps' could be history

In Philadelphia, people running up the 'Rocky steps' whilst singing the theme tune to the classic boxing film is a common sight, but under new plans the steps could become history.

Visa change for Mongolia and Kazakhstan

Mongolia and Kazakhstan are now easier to visit than ever following their relaxation on visa controls. Essentially, if you're from the UK or a number of other countries, you won't need one!

Wins the Euromillions, goes travelling in style

Matt won £1 million on the Euro Millions. He decided to travel the world, in style, and with his brother and best friend in tow. Read on to find out exactly what he spent it on...

Dog eating festival starts early to avoid protests

The annual dog eating festival in Yulin, China started early this year to avoid protests by animal activists on the summer solstice. Eating dog is totally legal in China.

Inbetweeners return with a gap year movie

The first full length trailer for the second Inbetweeners movie – due to hit cinemas this August – has been released. The four lads are taking a gap year in Australia.

Man Versus Shark

Want to see what happens when you jump into the sea and a great white shark comes over to say hello? Click through and watch the video: it's awesome.

Guy, 19, Invents a Way to Clean up the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

After a diving trip to Greece where he saw more plastic than fish 19-year-old Boyan Slat decided to do something about it. His plan is gaining international interest...

Irishmen Riverdance around the world

Three Irishmen are the latest to go viral on YouTube after loading a video which shows them doing the Riverdance around the world during a year-long trip.

Cat and man go travelling together

Millie the cat enjoys spending her weekends climbing in the Utah mountains. From her owner Craig's description, she sounds like the perfect gap year companion.

Frontier celebrate their 25th anniversary

Frontier are celebrating their 25th anniversary by giving away a spot on their Malaysia Tiger Conservation Project. It's easy to enter - just click for more details.

Drunkest Countries in the World: Revealed!

Question for you: which country drinks the most pure alcohol around the world? Check out this new report from the World Health Organisation for the answer.

Plans for New York to Tokyo in under an hour

How would you like to travel from New York to Tokyo in less than an hour? Richard Branson announces his plans for getting us from A to B in next to no time.

(Br)eastbourne shows off its assets

It would seem the tourism board for Eastbourne – a small town on the south coast of England – has made a bit of a boob, revealing a little more of the town than expected.

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