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Gap Year News is your up-to-date news on gap years, backpacking and travelling. Basically, it's anything travel related that we think is fun to read! Whatever happens in the world, we've got it covered.

Sometimes the Gap Year News is useful information, like visa updates or FCO travel advice, and sometimes the Gap Year News is not so useful, like celebrity gossip or a sexy story. However, the news is always written with you in mind, so make sure you keen on coming back to to see the latest news and travel information.

As we write the Gap Year News for you, we like you to get involved too. You can comment on each story and click-through to relevant sections of the site, so start reading and get stuck in!

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Page 1 of 23 pages (454 results) has relaunched

Booking and finding out about gap years, and connecting with other backpackers, has just become easier than ever before with the relaunch of

Vloggers go on a live gap year for

Video bloggers Saunders and Ollie are about to travel live for, recording all the adventures as they go. It's easy for you to get involved too - just follow #SOtravel.

Brazil World Cup Kick Off aka 'Green and Yellow Sex Day'

Those heading to Brazil for the football will be hoping to score in more ways than one as kick off day coincides with Lover's Day, sex toy manufacturers are loving it!

North Korea flamethrower execution

A North Korean official who was linked to Kim Jong-un's recently purged uncle has been executed with astonishing cruelty, according to reports from South Korea.

UK and Oz to be linked by tunnel

Journeying between the UK and Australia is about to become considerably quicker as plans to build a tunnel through the centre of the Earth have been given the final go ahead.

Man allows hyena to eat his genitals

A man in Zambia has lost his genitalia after approaching a wild hyena and allowing it to feast on his naked body after a witch doctor said it would make him rich.

New restaurant opens on graveyard in India

A new restaurant has opened in India, on a graveyard. The owner says it's great for business and is good luck, but could you enjoy your cup of tea next to this?

Suicidal man saves drowning man

In a bizarre twist of fate a man who last week was contemplating suicide from London Bridge ended up indirectly saving the life of another man.

Crackdown on naked selfies and streaking at Machu Picchu

The Machu Picchu authorities have had enough of streakers getting their bits out at the ancient ruins, and have been forced to put up better surveillance.

New app reads the way

A new app which will allow people to read up to 1,000 words per minute - quadruple the average pace - is about to hit the market, and could revolutionise reading.

Man smuggles into Spain in a suitcase

Man tries to get to an enclave of Spain from Morocco the illegal way. Police were hot on the trail of the suspicious looking bag, as this video shows.

Super cheap Ryanair flights to USA

Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary has announced plans to introduce flights from Europe to the USA for £8.20. But are the new plans too good to be true?

Shockwave: Seriously Trucking Fast

In what looks suspiciously like one of Jeremy Clarkson’s wet dreams, this jet-engine-powered beast of a machine is the world’s fastest truck.

Cannibal restaurant in Nigeria closed

A hotel restaurant in Nigeria has been closed down after police discovered it was serving human flesh to its customers as an expensive delicacy.

Plane drop and pig slop for GoPro

A Go Pro camera has not only survived falling thousands of feet from a plane, but also eight months in the pig pen in which it landed. The footage has gone viral.

Castaway alive after 13 months at sea

Mexican fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga who went missing from his home country in late 2012 has been found 6,200 miles away on a remote Pacific island.

$40K TV triggers a flurry of hilarious Amazon reviews

Over the last few weeks, the $40K price tag of an 85 inch Samsung TV has sparked an hilarious meme, this awesome stream of sarcastic reviews on

Man Sexually Rejected by Cow

A judge has scolded members of a jury for getting fits of the giggles during an animal sex case after they heard how a cow spurned a man's sexual advances.

Subwinging: The hottest new watersport

Subwinging is the closest you'll get to experiencing the freedom of gliding through water like a fish. Any gappers into snorkelling or scuba diving will love it!

A death (road) defying descent

As if racing down one of the most dangerous roads in the world on a bicycle isn’t daunting enough, why not BASE jump off the cliff it resides on? This guy will show you why.

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