Gap Year News for November 2011

News for November 2011

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Vienna voted best city in the world

Vienna is famous for a number of things; its rich cultural history, a couple of famous composers, a waltz, and of course, being the best city in the world.

Gap year boost expected as uni applications fall

UCAS’s monthly figures have reported that university applications are down by 13% compared to this time last year, suggesting a boost in gap years for 2012.

Zombies descend on Mexico City

Thousands of zombies have descended on Mexico City to break the world record for largest ever zombie walk.

Gap year taxi breaks world record

Three British adventurers on their gap year have broken the Guinness World Record for the longest ever taxi journey, clocking up 32,000 miles in a 10-month adventure.

Naked hiking banned in Switzerland

Those planning on naked hiking on their gap year will be disappointed to hear that the Swiss high court has just ruled against the popular pastime.

Gap year travellers returning to Japan

Japan is back in business after travellers and backpackers return to the country for the first time since the devastating earthquake in March.

Mystery of whale bones found in Chilean desert

75 prehistoric whale skeletons have been found in a desert in Chile, but the questions is, how did they get there?

GVI wins ‘best volunteering organisation’

This year’s top award for a gap year volunteering organisation has gone to Global Vision International (GVI) of the UK.

Piranhas plague Brazilian beach

It’s the storyline from a bad film but tourists have been attacked by flesh-eating piranhas on a Brazilian beach.

Tourists banned from Dutch cannabis cafes

The high times are to end for tourists visiting southern Netherlands as they are to be banned from smoking cannabis in coffee shops.

Thai floods update: safe to travel to Bangkok

Flood waters are finally receding in Thailand and Bangkok is safe to travel to as new FCO travel advice is issued.

FCO reveals weird and wonderful requests

Consulates, embassies and high commissions are there to help you out in an emergency, not to tell you Phil Collins’s telephone number.

Lost kingdom found in deserts of Libya

British archaeologists have discovered an ancient lost kingdom buried in the deserts of Libya following the fall of Colonel Gaddafi.

Rise to the human rights challenge

Tourism Concern has just launched a new briefing urging the global tourism industry to pay more attention to human rights issues when doing business.

Social networks inspire gap years

It’s thought that looking at a friends’ Facebook profile and photos are a major factor in where Brits choose to spend their next holiday.

Fantastic flash mob at Dubai Airport

Puzzled passengers gathered around in the Duty Free section of Dubai International Airport as they were treated to a fantastic flash mob.

Bed bugs beware

A new bed bug killing product promises to be the first effective way of killing bed bugs whilst on your gap year.

Gap year thrillaxing, the new travel trend

Forget lazing on a beach in Australia or chilling in a bar in Brazil on your gap year; thrillaxing is the new big thing.

Sexy staff strip for Ryanair calendar

The Ryanair flight attendants have stripped off their uniforms and are giving customs a little extra ‘in-flight entertainment’, all in the name of charity.

New backpacker car market opens in Sydney

A new car market has just been given the green light to open in Kings Cross, Sydney, allowing backpackers to buy and sell cars.

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