Gap Year News for February 2012

News for February 2012

Want well-paid work? Head for New Zealand

New figures from New Zealand back claims the country offers some of the best opportunities for Brits looking to live and work abroad.

'Chuck Norris Bridge'

The Slovakian public is voting online for a new name for a bridge in the capital of Bratislava, and it looks set to be 'Chuck Norris Bridge'.

Christchurch rebuilds for 2012

One year on from the devastating earthquake and Christchurch, New Zealand, is perfectly poised to become one of the most exciting cities in the Southern Hemisphere.

Gap year students stage 'peaceful protest'

A gap year is all about new experiences, though a peaceful protest probably wasn't what this group of gappers had in mind as they staged a 'sit-in'.

Call for creative travellers

A gap year is the ideal opportunity to put some time into your more creative side, be it writing, photography or art. Well, get creative with VizitOz.

Want work? Head Down Under

Australia has always been one of the more popular destinations for working abroad due to the ease of obtaining a Working Holiday Visa and the good pay.

World's largest rope swing

Rope swingers are showing adrenaline junkies world-wide what they’re all about with their hit video, 'World’s largest rope swing'. Be inspired...

Ethics at work?

Often, people come back from their gap year inspired to do something creative but opportunities can appear few and far between in the commercial world.

Record numbers visit Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country, with a population of only 700,000 people, yet it has always been an extremely popular country to visit due to its remoteness and natural beauty.

Ryanair’s sexy staff calendar adverts banned

Back in November 2011 we ran a story ‘sexy staff strip for Ryanair calendar’. Apparently it was a little too sexy as two newspaper adverts have been banned.

BUNAC launches amazing scholarship

Work and travel experts BUNAC have introduced the Howard Crew Scholarship, saving backpackers up to £1,000 on North America holiday programmes.

Student wins roadshow Gold Coast prize has revealed that a student in Manchester has won their UK roadshow competition prize of an incredible trip to Australia's Gold Coast.

'Gap Yah' charity trip

We all know comedian Matt Lacey who was made famous for his YouTube video ‘Gap Yah’. Well, he is now setting his sights a little further afield on his next gap year adventure.

Gold Coast competition winners revealed has announced the six winners of their social media contest 'I'm A Backpacker... Get Me In Here!' that will travel to the sub-tropical Australian jungle.

Last chance to see the gap year roadshow

February 9th 2012, 6pm, the roadshow comes to London, rounding off the four-city tour with the biggest gap show yet, at the University of London Union.

Man to jump from space to break a 50 year old skydiving record

Felix Baumgartner sets his sights on a 50 year old record, which he aims to break by jumping from the edge of space and breaking the sound barrier.

Gap year roadshow kicks off to a packed hall in Cambridge is back on the road. The first 2012 university city tour got underway in Cambridge on Monday night at a packed hall at Anglia Ruskin University.

Scotland's youngest ever politician takes a career gap

John West became Scotland's youngest ever politician in 2007, but now he has decided to "retire" from politics to take a gap year backpacking around the world.

New backpacker card for SEA

International Backpacker have launched a new backpacker card for South East Asia, the first company to do so, offering loads of discounts.