Gap Year News for March 2012

News for March 2012

Gap year health crisis leads to book deal

A young UK backpacker is to publish a book aimed at raising awareness of a medical condition he developed while volunteering abroad.

French tourism campaign uses wrong photo

There are epic fails and then there are epic fails. When it comes to promoting your own country, make sure it really is your own country.

Young social entrepreneur wins talent search

One man has been fast-tracked into the world of business by winning one of the most prestigious competitions for young social entrepreneurs.

Big Ben to be renamed?

Big Ben is one of the most legendary landmarks in the world. Millions of travellers come from all over the world just to see it. However, it may be about to be renamed.

Work abroad as a Japanese ogre

Working abroad is one of the most popular things to do on your gap year. However, unlike most backpackers working abroad, why don’t you become a Japanese ogre?

Bognor booms because of Bond

Bognor Regis might not excite you, but to some, it's paradise. And James Bond is one who thinks this following the decision to film scenes from the James Bond movie there.

Library reunites traveller with backpack

Mystery-solving librarians in the UK have reunited a gap year traveller with his backpack, which was lost more than 5,000 miles away in Guatemala.

Backpackers returning to Australia

Backpackers and travellers are once again returning to Australia on their gap year, showing positive signs for the youth travel market.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Everyone celebrates St. Patrick's Day with gusto, especially in the USA, so wherever you are, make sure you don your green and have a pint of Guinness.

XXXX Island: No women allowed

Sure, we all like a little boy's time (sorry girls). Usually that's beer and pizza in front of the rugby or a lad's night out, but a whole island for man time?

Where is Mount Everest?

It's a simple question for most people: where in the world is Mount Everest? But more than 50% of Britons believe Mount Everest is actually in the UK, not in the Himalayas.

Jobs in Australia made more accessible by government

A lot of you are looking for a job in Australia. Well, the Australian Government is moving to make it easier for skilled migrants to become permanent residents Down Under.

Travelling at 80

Gap years are always seen as a young man’s game, but that’s not always the case. New research from Age UK has shown that older people are travelling the world.

The Queen’s travel tips

If you’re going to get travel advice from the Queen, you’re probably going to take it. Her advice? Never eat salads, shellfish or watermelon. There you go.

In love with the Statue of Liberty?

Falling in love on your gap year is all part of the travelling experience. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a holiday romance, is there?

Students sell their faces to fund gap year

Have you ever thought of selling your face to pay off university debt? Well, two Cambridge graduates have done exactly that, raising over £30,000 in the process. rocks TNT Travel Show

Travellers and backpackers interested in taking a gap year were treated to a special seminar on Saturday at the TNT Travel Show at Earl’s Court. Magazine relaunches

Here at we've just relaunched our magazine. It's packed full of useful advice and information on backpacking and travelling, so make sure you give it a read!

South America most desirable destination

South America has been voted as the most desirable destination to visit in the world for backpackers and travellers, beating the USA and Canada to the top spot.