Gap Year News for April 2012

News for April 2012

Dutch judge set to ban tourists from cannabis cafes

Despite on-going legal battles a judge has upheld the new law to stop tourists from entering cannabis cafes and smoking weed in the Netherlands.

Travel dating site 'not for prostitutes'

A new travel dating site has been accused of facilitating prostitution by allowing users to pay beautiful travellers for 'discreet affairs' and 'mutually beneficial arrangements'.

Cartoonist wins Cuba competition

An artist has won last month's Cuba competition. Doodler Rosie Brooks will now experience the exciting flavour and charm of the Caribbean island.

Slackliner crosses canyon at 1,800m

The video of American adrenaline junkie Dean Potter walking a slackline across a canyon in China 1,800m above sea level has been a hit on social media.

Student bags South East Asia prize

A backpacker studying at the University of Sussex has won our recent South East Asia competition and will visit Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Gideon Sundback zip doodle on Google

Gideon Sundback was honoured by Google with his own doodle today, and he owes it all to taking a gap year after his wife's death to perfect the design of the zip.

Three Brits steal penguin in Australia

Three Welsh tourists are to appear in court Down Under after drunkenly swimming with dolphins and stealing a penguin from Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Kony activists set to 'cover the night'

Kony 2012 campaigners are preparing to hit the streets all around the world tonight in an effort to further raise the profile of African warlord Joseph Kony.

More students opt for working gap year

There has been a surge in the number of UK students applying for a working gap year ahead of university, according to a leading work placement charity.

Winter version of 'world's best job'

An Australian brewer has started recruiting for the winter version of the 'world's best job' by offering cash, accommodation and free beer to succesful applicants.

Britons 'can only name four capitals'

As a gap year traveller you might know a fair few capitals, but a new survey has revealed that Britons have an alarmingly weak grasp of world geography.

Russian artist creates 'living walls'

A Russian street artist has caught the imagination of the online travel community with his creative transformations of old buildings into new artworks.

Louvre visitors get Nintendo guide

The world-famous Louvre museum in Paris has teamed up with video game giant Nintendo to offer visitors a retro, quirky and fun interactive 3DS audio guide.

Pungent passengers top complaint survey

Who are the least popular flight passengers according to their fellow travellers? A new survey reveals the most offensive air travellers are those with bad body odour.

Google Project Glass: a new way to see the world

We like to keep you up-to-date with everything that's going on in the world. That's why we present to you 'Project Glass', Google's new augmented reality glasses.

World’s longest bridge opens

China has just opened the world’s highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel suspension bridge in the mountainous region of Hunan province.

Naked tours of art museum in Sydney

Backpacking and travelling is all about new experiences. Well, how about getting butt-naked in an art museum in Australia? Yep, but no cheeky business.

VisitOz competition winner announced

Jamie Calum Niemann for Germany has won VisitOz's competition's call for creative travellers, winning a prize worth up to AU$5,000.

Fast food outlet to open in Machu Picchu

A major fast food retailer has been given the go-ahead to build a burger restaurant within the walls of Peru's world-famous Machu Picchu site.