Gap Year News for May 2012

News for May 2012

Amazing timelapse video of America

A helicopter pilot has flown 2,500 miles across the United States of America and turned the journey into an awesome timelapse video.

Backpackers offered nude discount

Wicked Campers in Australia are offering free van rental to any backpackers who turn up naked, taking the whole concept of budget travelling to the next level.

Stray dog's epic journey in China

A stray dog has warmed the hearts of travellers everywhere after she tagged along with a group of cyclists in China for 20 days, covering more than 1,700 kilometres.

Backpackers fly to the Gold Coast

The six competition winners of 'I'm A Backpacker... Get Me In Here!' have flown to the Gold Coast to compete for the title 'King or Queen of the Jungle.'

Really get off the beaten track

Backpackers and travellers are always looking for ways to get off the beaten track on their gap year to avoid tourists. Well, using this clever heat map will help.

Red Bull gives you wings

Red Bull have released an unbelievable video of five skydivers flying at 120mph above 13,000ft, all while flying alongside a pair of gliders.

Naked beach travellers 'revealed'

A survey by Expedia has revealed the nationality most likely to get naked on a beach whilst travelling. Who's keenest to get their kit off?

Message in a bottle finds a friend

We've all thought about or sent a message in a bottle, most likely to no avail. Well, one message in a bottle has finally found its mark.

Photobombing Pisa

A Romanian teenager has uploaded footage of himself and his friend's 'photobombing' unsuspecting tourists as they hold up their hands to pose with the Pisa.

Philippines hold Olympics for firefighters

Forget London 2012 hype, because the best 'Games' of the year might have already come and gone. So what exactly happened at the 'Fireman Olympics' in Manila?

McNamara surfs on the world’s largest wave ever ridden

Big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara has been recognised by Guinness World Records for surfing the largest wave ever ridden, a towering 78-foot wall of water.

Broken man gives away £1,000 holiday

An emotional traveller has offered to give away a holiday to Malta for two now that his relationship ended. Will you be applying for the free trip to the Mediterranean?

Model's mammaries madden Mexico's politicians

TV debates between presidential candidates don't usually get the pulse racing, yet a TV debate in Mexico has done exactly that after a former playboy model stole the show.

Is this the world's oldest backpacker?

An intrepid pensioner has proved that age is no barrier when it comes to hostel backpacking and gap year travel. Can you guess how old this traveller is?

London voted as world's best tourist destination 2012

London has recently been voted as the world's best tourist destination for 2012, beating New York and Rome to the top spot, making it the place to travel to this summer.

Megabus launches £1 Europe tickets

Coach service Megabus has launched £1 tickets to Europe, making short gaps to the continent affordable for budget backpacker and gap year travellers.

Traveller stores memories before going blind

A woman who is facing the prospect of losing her sight has drawn up a plan to visit the world’s most beautiful destinations so she can store them in her memory forever.

Have you been where the Queen's been?

In the year of her Diamond Jubilee, a fun new interactive map has allowed travellers to work out if they have been where the Queen's been. What's your total?

Iceland offers tours inside volcano

Iceland is now offering tours inside a volcano for the first time ever, making it another bucket list experience for backpackers and travellers.