Gap Year News for July 2012

News for July 2012

Olympics epic fail

Olympic fever is gripping everyone, so much so that one man tried to swim to America from France in a bid to spread the Olympic cheer. What happened? Epic fail.

London 2012 Olympics begin

The London 2012 Olympic Games officially get under way this evening with a spectacular opening ceremony at the Olympic Park in Stratford.

Aussies smash world record

Last night 1,000 Australians broke the world record for the most people wearing the same team kit to show their support for the Australian Olympic team.

Backpackers call for visa extension

Backpackers and travellers working in regional restaurants, pubs and motels in Australia want the same visa extension regulations as other regional workers.

Man's 'package' scares airport staff

The man with the world's largest penis has caused an airport panic after staff suspected he may have been carrying a dangerous weapon in his pants.

Aussie divers' shark encounter

Strewth, mate! Two Aussie divers have escaped a nasty end by holding a great white shark at bay with pointy sticks off the west coast of Oz.

Meet Boo, the world's cutest dog

Virgin America has just recruited Boo, a fluffy Pomeranian with 4.7 million Facebook fans, as its ‘newest executive’, cashing in on the world's cutest dog.

Surfing goats ride waves

Some pet goats in California have become famous online after taking to the waves on surfboards and showing off some moves to onlookers.

China offers piranha bounty

Chinese authorities have offered a cash reward for the capture of flesh-eating piranhas, which are thought to have been illegally imported.

Return of the gap year

It's official and you heard it here first; gap years are back and they're more popular than ever before, with more people looking to take a gap year in 2012 / 2013.

Spanish bulls gore tourists

Four people have been injured after being gored in this year's running of the bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain. Find out what happened.

Government denies mermaids exist

The US government has taken the strange step of denying the existence of mermaids after a mockumentary caused public enquiries about them.

Russian daredevil nearly dies

In a worst case scenario, a base jumper’s parachute failed to open as he plummeted to earth from a 120m power pylon, once again in Russia. Amazingly, he survives!

Mass bungee jump off bridge

A new video of 135 people doing a mass bungee jump off a bridge in Russia is getting popular on YouTube. What do you think of the video?

Shark tourism inspires new hostel

A couple in Australia have applied to open a backpacker hostel in Port Lincoln, Adelaide, to attract more backpackers to the area due to an increase in shark tourism.

Jennifer Aniston ‘best road buddy'

Hollywood rom-com star Jennifer Aniston has topped a TV poll of ideal road trip buddies. Which other big names ended up in the top 10 list?

Do you boast about your gap year?

A survey has revealed that 60% of us use Facebook and Twitter while on our travels to boast about being away, some doing it just to make people jealous.