Gap Year News for September 2012

News for September 2012

Parents pay £995m towards gap years

A new study has revealed that parents in the UK are paying around £995 million towards their children's gap years and only 3% expect that money back.

Do you own this camera!?

Being the world's largest gap year social network and travel community, we all band together in times of need. Well, we're on the hunt for one the happiest men alive.

Facebook saves a life

A man was saved from a freezing glacial gorge in the Swiss Alps yesterday thanks to a Facebook campaign that raised the funds for his rescue.

Top 10 most hated travel rip-offs

On your gap year there's going to be one or two things that are really going to piss you off. The worst is withdrawing your cash from an ATM abroad.

Brits vote Sydney as their favourite city

Brits are once again showing their love for Australia as Sydney is voted as their favourite overseas city ahead of New York and Paris, once again proving it as a gap year hot spot.

Seagull steals camera in San Francisco

You're taking a video of sunset to remember your travels by. The last thing you expect is some seagull swooping in to steal your stunning shot.

Nudists seek 'anti-ogling' ban at beach

A group of nudists in Vancouver, Canada, is seeking an anti-ogling ban after being disturbed by people practicing water sports and their ogling occupants.

Gap years in the USA on the rise

The term 'gap year' still hasn't really taken off in the USA; that is until recently. According to research, 1.2% of college freshmen will use the next 12 months to travel.

Man caught with a monkey in his pants trying to board flight

Custom authorities in India have arrested a man who was attempting to board a flight in New Delhi with an endangered loris monkey in his pants.

Cheeky backpackers bare bums

Every now and then backpackers like to get a little naked. Well,11 backpackers and staff from Asylum Backpackers have bared their bums in a publicity stunt.

Man "addicted to caterpillars"

Most of us will buy a big bag of sweets or a sandwich to keep hunger at bay on a flight, but 15kgs of dried caterpillars? Even plane food isn't that bad.

Beat the 'choggers'

You’re on your gap year, you’re slightly hungover, and you want to sweat it out in the sun. What do you see? Every single sun bed taken up by towels.

Gap years to Australia on the rise

Figures show an increase in the number of young people aged 18-30 applying for a Working Holiday Visa with a 7% rise compared to this time last year.