Gap Year News for October 2012

News for October 2012

Brewery creates world's strongest beer

A Scottish brewery has claimed to have created the world's strongest beer - at 65% proof, it'll blow your head off, that's why it's aptly named Armageddon.

TNT Golden Backpacker Awards announced

Once again the travel industry turned out for the annual TNT Golden Backpacker Awards last week at in London with some major awards up for grabs.

Crocodile Vs. Lion

A cheeky crocodile has proven there's no such thing as a free lunch after being seen off by six lions in Africa and it was all caught on camera by a brave cameraman.

Google maps the Grand Canyon

Google have now set their sights, mounted first time on a backpack, on the Grand Canyon, showcasing the attraction's most popular hiking trails on the South Rim. starts usability testing

Yesterday,'s development team worked with UX design agency Cyber-Duck to put the website through its paces as part of a significant redesign process.

Blood rain to fall for Halloween

Us Brits like nothing more than chatting about the weather. Well, conversations will go into over-drive this week as Britain's weirdest weather on record continues

Man saves beached great white shark

Shane Cox from Australia has got as much cojones as his name would suggest by saving a beached great white shark. In our books that makes him a hero.

Ryanair cabin crew bare all... again

Last year Ryanair found itself in hot water with the Advertising Standards Authority after their sexy staff stripped for a charity calendar. Well they've done it again. begins a user experience (UX) upgrade

We're pleased to announce our new UX project - we've teamed up with award-winning web design agency Cyber-Duck to bring a new look and feel to the website.

Felix Baumgartner completes jump from the edge of space

Felix Baumgartner has smashed the record books after becoming the first man to reach supersonic speed without travelling in a jet or spacecraft.

The ultimate pub crawl

A couple of Aussie adventurers have completed a heroic pub crawl spanning 370kms over the Northern Territory in Australia, travelling by helicopter.

Felix Baumgartner set for supersonic skydive attempt

Felix Baumgartner is set for his supersonic skydive attempt from the edge of space and within the next few hours he'll either be hailed a hero or he'll be dead.

Win a trip to the Cook Islands

We're giving two people the chance to go and see some of the most beautiful islands in the world - there are a few other prizes up for grabs too so make sure you enter!

Delayed passenger gets VIP treatment

Brad Hartley was delayed for three-and-a-half hours. However, when he eventually checked in he was the only one to do so and was treated as good as the president.

Luca Alfatti named world's top guide

Last night was the seventh annual World Guide Awards sponsored by Wanderlust and it saw Luca Alfatti, a tour guide for Dragoman, named as the world's top guide.

Real life Forrest Gump walks the USA

One day Nick Kleckner decided to go for a walk. However, instead of stopping after a few hours he kept on going. 178 days later and he made it across the USA.

Pakistan plans bus route to the UK

Authorities in Pakistan are planning to launch a bus route from Mirpur to the British city of Birmingham 8,000 km away - it'll only take you eight days.