Gap Year News for November 2012

News for November 2012

Rogue emu, zebra and miniature horse on the run

A miniature horse and a zebra are on the loose in Staten Island, New York City, and a rogue emu has also escaped in Devon, causing chaos and confusion.

Traveller becomes the first man to visit every country in the world

Graham Hughes has become the first man in the world to visit all 201 countries and he's done it all without flying, taking nearly four years in the process.

'Grenade' found in rock star's luggage

If you've ever wanted a 101 in how to set off a bomb scare then The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is showing us how it's done - carry a fake grenade around with you.

World's worst hotel revealed

We've all stayed in some shoddy places while backpacking and travelling but Amsterdam's Hans Brinker Budget Hostel is pushing to be the world's worst hotel.

Air New Zealand launches funny safety video

Air New Zealand is cashing in on the making of 'The Hobbit' and they have released a new safety video for passengers that's bound to grab your attention.

The tourist destinations on the rise

A survey of the fastest-growing tourist destinations around the world by TripAdvisor shows Mar Del Plata in Argentina as the number one up-and-coming destination.

Total solar eclipse in Australia

Tens of thousands of people have already gathered in northern Australia in the hope of glimpsing a rare total solar eclipse that's set to occur tonight.

Ryanair boss says, "seat belts don't matter"

Wearing seat belts is pointless and won't save you in a crash. That's what Michael O’Leary would have you believe as he tries to launch 'standing room only' cabins.

Bigfoot sighting in Utah goes viral

Beard Card was on a camping trip with his brothers in Provo Canyon, Utah, when he started filming what he thought was a black bear. That was until it stood upright.

Cannabis cafes to stay open

Apparently tourists won't be banned from smoking cannabis in Amsterdam in the near future as the mayor believes that changing the law would lead to more crime.