Gap Year News for December 2012

News for December 2012

It's the end of the world

If you're reading this then it's the end of the world and you're already dead. We're sorry that you had to find out like this but it's the cold hard truth.

Lattitude celebrates its 40th anniversary

International youth development charity Lattitude Global Volunteering celebrates its 40th anniversary and this year they also sent their 40,000th volunteer.

Crocodile jumps on backpacker

While backpacking you're going to get up close to the local wildlife. Well one traveller in Australia got more than he bargained for as a crocodile takes a death-leap at him.

The world's unfriendliest cities revealed

The world's rudest, unfriendliest and dirtiest cities have been named and only Moscow beat London to the number one spot as the unfriendliest city in the world.

Boy plays with beaver

Little Ryan was at Oregon Zoo in the United States with his mum when he started waving at a beaver. Nothing in that apart from the fact that the beaver starts waving back.

Man travels 24,000km in search of the best banger

John Gledson is travelling with a purpose. He's tried more than 400 varieties of sausage around the world, and there's no sign of stopping any time soon.

Instagram Vs Twitter: The fight of the photo filters

Have you noticed that your Instagram pics aren't previewing correctly on Twitter anymore, and what's with the new Twitter photo filter update?