Gap Year News for January 2013

News for January 2013

Tourist's dreadlocks stolen at nightclub

A man from Zimbabwe was partying hard in Johannesburg, South Africa, only to find that his head had been shaved and his dreadlocks stolen after he passed out.

Man stuck at airport for two months

A man has been stuck at Santiago Airport for more than two months echoing the movie 'The Terminal'. The reality isn't half as glamorous as Hollywood makes it out to be.

Travellers get inspired at the Adventure Travel Show

Last weekend was the annual Telegraph Adventure Travel Show at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London and it was once again a huge hit among travellers.

Axolotl Salamander is the world's cutest animal

A test group oohed and awwed at the sight of him and the amazing Axolotl Salamander has been recognised as the cutest and most awesome animal on the planet.

The "Almost Mile High Club"

Sexy thrill-seekers are enjoying the views a little too much at the top of the UK's tallest building, the Shard, in their attempt to join the "Almost Mile High Club".

Better than the Taj Mahal?

The Taj Mahal is on most people's travelling wish list, but Avebury? If its not then it should be as it's just been named as the second best heritage site in the world.

Careers advice in schools 'deteriorating', say MPs

New education reforms introduced in 2012 where careers services were dropped in schools has led to a worrying drop in standards, MPs have said in a new report.

200mph plane misses camerawoman by two feet

Ever wondered what it's like to have a 200mph plane fly past to within a two feet of you? With this viral video by Those Crazy Texans you don't have to.

Rent a girl's bum as a pillow

Soineya, a 'co-sleeping speciality shop', opened last year in Tokyo's eccentric Akihabara district and allows patrons to sleep with a stranger, for a price of course.

Man vs. Shark

A British tourist has been hailed a hero after he grabbed a six-foot shark by its tail and dragged it away from a group of toddlers in Queensland, Australia.

Stag dos in the North Pole

Forget Munich or Prague for your stag do; go to the North Pole instead with travel company Last Night of Freedom and really have a weekend to remember.

Woman drives 3,000km after sat nav fail

A Belgian woman has suffered one of the best sav nav fails that we've ever come across as she drove for nearly 1,500 kilometres though six countries.'s Cormac shoots for the stars's COO Cormac Scanlan has big shiny stars in his eyes, and they're firmly set on space. Could he become the first gapper to go into orbit?

Cheeky commuters bare bums

Despite the freezing cold weather outside, people around the world have dropped trou to take part in the 'No Pants Subway Ride', bringing a sly smirk to people's faces.

Happy 150th Birthday London Undergound!

It's the 150th birthday of the London Underground today. Impress your friends with these fascinating facts in celebration of the tube's grand old age.

Superman spotted flying in California

A life-sized, remote-controlled Superman has been getting people's heads in a spin after being spotted "flying" over the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

Polar bear comes close to cameraman

BBC cameraman Gordon Buchanan has a close call with nature as a polar bear gets up close and personal with him, and it was all caught on camera.

The Adventure Travel Show 2013

January is the time of year that everyone ramps up their plans for their gap year. With that in mind, the Telegraph Adventure Travel Show is just around the corner.

Man wears 70 items of clothing to avoid baggage fees

You've just been told that you're well over your baggage allowance. Do you a) pay the excess luggage fees or b) pull out 70 items of clothing and wear them all?

Lonely Planet travel forum closes

The commercial arm of the BBC has shut down its hugely popular Thorn Tree forum for backpackers because "uncomfortable themes" were being discussed.