Gap Year News for February 2013

News for February 2013

Hotel CCTV catches man stark naked and locked out

One hotel guest reveals more than he meant to, to a whole hotel of people, when the door locks behind him as he puts his tray out for room service #totesembarrassing.

Roadkill now a legal dish in Montana

The heads of the US State of Montana have passed a law to make eating certain roadkill legal - elk, antelope and deer are all up for grabs - hands up who thinks this is ok!

Cat vs. crocodile

A cheeky critter took on a crocodile in an epic battle that's reminiscent of Mohammad Ali vs Joe Frazier. It had the stare-downs, the huge haymakers, and a clear victor.

Want to have better sex? Travel more

It has long been known that getting laid on your gap year is a fun thing to do. Now it has been proven that couples who travel together have better sex lives.

Snoozing sloth lands in speedboat

Sloths are known for being one of the world's slowest and laziest animals. Not this one though; this sloth has been caught on camera living life in the fast lane.

Don't be a shit in Shit

Have you ever wanted to enjoy yourself on the Wanks River in Nicaragua, at Shag Point in New Zealand, or in Shit in Iran? Now you can with this handy map.

Airline calendar just too damn hot

Thailand's low-cost carrier Nok Air have released a calendar featuring 12 models from Maxim magazine, however, it's come under heavy criticism.

Halfway around the world in 10 and a half days

A pair of cool cats have smashed the record for the quickest overland journey from Cape Town to London, completing the journey in a lightning-quick 10 and a half days.

Cereal traveller's search for the perfect bowl of cornflakes

We're always telling you to travel the world and pursue your dreams. Mick Hobday has done exactly that in his search for the perfect bowl of cornflakes.

The David Beckham effect

Since David Beckham has announced his move to Parisian side Paris St Germain there has been a huge influx of people booking flights to the capital city of France.

Cheeky passenger hides from train conductor and gets away with it

How far would you go to avoid paying a train fare? Would you disguise yourself as a suitcase and hide in the luggage rack? That's because you're not this guy.

Air steward sacked for flipping the bird

Tatiana Kozlenko, a Russian air steward, has been sacked for allegedly flipping the bird after the photograph ended up going viral on Twitter.

Kangaroo vs human boxing match cancelled

A planned boxing match between a kangaroo and a human at a circus at Oxford, Mississippi, has been cancelled due to complaints by animal activists.

Women finally 'allowed' to wear trousers in Paris

Good news ladies; France has finally abolished an old law stating that women could not wear trousers in Paris, so now you don't have to break any laws on your travels.