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Gap Year Flights

Gap years aren’t just about travelling around the world and stopping as you go, you could just spend most of your time in one country. If you’re looking for a point-to-point gap year flight we can help. Imagine you are leaving for a volunteering project in Ghana, a journalism placement in Buenos Aires or an art course in Italy. Finding a decent flight that gets you there can be a bit daunting, especially if you want to stop-over somewhere else in between. That’s why we have Travel to help you find the best flights and lowest fares. Just call 0844 560 9881 and see what they can do for you, they also have great deals on accommodation, tours and insurance. 

Most Popular Destinations

Most Popular Gap Year Flights

There are certain countries that have show themselves to be more popular than others when it comes to gap year flights and staying long term. Here are a few of the destinations previous gappers have spent longer in...  


Australia will forever be a favourite for gappers, thanks to the flexible working visa arrangements between the UK and Oz. If you plan to head out there to work for a year or two you can arrange a gap year flight straight there, no faffing.

Sydney Opera House, Australia


The USA is so huge it could take you a lifetime and you wouldn’t even see half. It’s the perfect destination for a gap year though – every state is like a different country with its own traditions, lifestyle and foods. You could travel along Route 66, explore New York or even check out some of the many festivals the USA has to offer.


A popular spot for paid teaching placements, and for experiencing a totally different culture, Japan is awesome. Eat sushi, try karaoke, people watch, go shopping, check out the latest electronics, it’s impossible to list everything there is to do in Japan here, and you’ll have trouble fitting it all in in just a year but you can definitely give it a good go.  

Kyoto in Japan


Massively popular for gappers, India is a great place to visit from anything from two weeks to forever. The country is deceptively vast and there’s loads to see. Head to Delhi and Mumbai for iconic architecture, Goa for made beach raves or Bangalore for volunteering projects. Make sure to brush up on your bargaining skills before you go and get ready for a culture shock.


Mmm steak. Argentina is definitely a country to spend a bit of time in. Meat lovers, wine lovers and dancers can indulge in their tipple while enjoying the panoramic delights of Iguazu Falls, the Ibera Wetlands, The Andes and Ischigualasto Provincial Park. Definitely worth spending as long as possible here. 

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Where Will You Go?

Gap Wraps

Gap Wraps Featured Image

Gap Wraps are a great way to take the stress out of your gap year.

Flights, accommodation, transport passes, tours, excursions and many more great extras are all taken care of for you!

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Holiday Hotspot - The Northern Lights

Holiday Hotspot - The Northern Lights Featured Image

The Northern Lights

Visiting the Northern Lights are on most peoples bucket list and now's the time of year to see them. Due to solar activity, the Northern Lights are meant to be extra special this year, so make sure you don't miss out.

Two of the best countries to see the Northern Lights are Iceland and Norway, so head there for your winter gap year.